5K Hive Power Is Not A Dolphin- It's 5200?

in LeoFinance2 months ago

Hi Hive, what's good LeoFinance,

so i thought i reached Dolphin Status
when i powered up the last 309 Hive
reaching 5111+ Hive Power.

Hive 309 Power Up.jpg
I bought them for like 0,1160 $/per Hive,
a good price i would say.
And considering the latest censorship from
Twitter & Big Tech i am optimistic in
Hives growth.
But then i checked the badges and nothing changed.
I researched, found this post here and the
comment section teached me that it's 5200 HP for
the Dolphin status..😜


I admit, inside myself i celebrated too early.

I got over 5113 HP, so the last 86 Hives will be
made fast 😉...

Is 5200 HP right? Is that Dolphin status in 2021?



And considering the latest censorship fromTwitter & Big Tech i am optimistic in Hives growth.

Same here

👍 Thanks for your support, Nathan.
Hive on the rise, but i would not "dance" with every big investor...
They gotta be "good people" like the majority of our community, no matter
their wallet size.
Just a thought 😉