Dcity Helper #007 Helping Real Life homeless by playing Dcity, 867 Hive Boost

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One of my favorite projects on Dcityi s homeless city. It was created by @detlev some time ago and he has managed to grow homeless city into a top 150 ranking city. Since then, the flow of new players and the enthousiasm of existing ones, has caused homeless city to just drop out of the top 150. Time for Dcity Helper to out the project and donate some buildings to propel it back in the top 150.

As always, the focus is on the APR we can achieve by picking the best suiting buildings to donate, but in this case i'd like to shine some light on the project itself as well and tell you what homeless city is all about,

What a lot of players don't know, is that homeless city has an actual impact on real homeless projects. So supporting homeless city by sending your homeless, immigrants or even some buildings, could make an impact in the life of an actual homeless person. So how does this work?

50% of all Hive income will go to selected homeless projects in real life, the other 50% of Hive rewards, as well as the daily generated SIM income, will go into further growing @homeless-city.

You can read more on the project in this post:

So let's dive in it and take a look at homeless city in it's current state.


As you can see there is some unemployment in homeless city and personally i think it would be smarter to max sim income than focus on the short term ranking. To assure the city's return to the top 150 i have sent 3 shopping malls and 3 basic homes, worth around 28 hive.

Admittingly, this won't keep them in the top 150 very long, so anybody who feels their karma is due for some good rubbing, sending cards to @homeless-city is a quick, guaranteed fix.

But we are here to maximize SIM earnings, so let's see what we can do if we really get to work on the city setup. A fair warning, what we are about to do goes straight against the ethics on which the foundation of homeless city was built. For the purpose of this calculation, the safe haven for all the homeless on Dcity will be selling them of like cattle, all just to make a quick buck.

So we are getting rid of 412 homeless and 108 immigrants and send them off to the highest bidder.
After that homeless city looks like this:


SIM income has increased from 994 to 1253, this daily increase of 259 amounts to 94,535 SIM per year, or a cool 453,76 hive in today's rate. But that is not all: When we sell off the 412 homeless at the lowest price of 0,235 swap hive we get an additional 96,82 hive. The immigrants rack in another 52,92, bringing the total of our firesale at 149,74 hive. This allows us to buy 19 shopping malls at todays prices, which bring in another 285 SIM daily, which amounts to 86,340 SIM after taxes, which is another 414 hive.

All in all, by tying the noose and some virtual Dcity homeless, real life homeless could potentially profit from a whopping 867 hive or $114 US.

I'd like to thank @onealfa , @rollandthomas , @thegoliath , @ecoinstant , @megavest and i'd like to give a big thank you as well to everybody else who supports my Dcity Helper posts, your votes matter!

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Love @homeless-city and I think that it is a great idea to sell the homeless for a bigger city, you know, progress and such. It's like hitting the reset button on the homeless population plus, bigger city = more homele$$. Love these helper posts @luca-legend.

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We try our best to grow....
Luca and Detlev did some nice donations lately

Sweet! I sent a brewery over about a week ago. Cheers! 🍺

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Selling of some homeless almost seems counter intuitive to the purpose, but it will benefit more homeless in the end. Good strategy.

Yes it does kind of defeat the purpose of homeless-city as a safe haven ;-)

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@detlev came up with a good idea. I really need to transfer some homeless to this city.

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Getting the 300ish SIM boost will overall be a much bigger help than the small hive daily reward increase.
The extra SIM will be good to buy more buildings and boost ranking sooner as well so then the amount to go to the real life homeless in need, will get around sooner and bring them that needed joy.

As always, I am another that loves this project and has always been something I have supported and love seeing all the help it gets!

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this is another suggestion but would it not be better to take a real-life approach and donate job centres... make sure we get as many homeless and immigrants turned into workers as we can?

That seems to be a better solution in the long run. Get rid of that negative reputation one at a time and then start to add worker buildings

Nice analysis.
For your info, @homeless-city can send me their extra homeless and immigrants and i ca just train them and send back to you. That would not only help in removing negative popularity but also they are worth more. With Job tax on i can train 2 of them daily. If interested we can discuss it and make it worth.

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cool - how many should I send you? 14 for the first week??

That would be great start. :)