Dcity Helper #006 Teaming up with the president to help out a new player giving her 215% APR

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Welcome to the 6th edition of Dcity Helper.

Ont of the things i'd like to do in this series, is giving a helping hand to new Dcity players. In today's post i will be doing just that. Together with @thegoliath, our fierce and noble president, we'll be boosting the city of @wanderingmoon.

She has only recently started playing and she seems to have been quite lucky with attracting new citizens, because her little city is already swarming with homeless and immigrants.

This is what her city looks like right now.


So what can we do to help her out and point her in the right direction?

As homeless and immigrants cause negative popularity (shouldn't we call that negativity?) the logic step is to provide her with some job centers. Each job center increases the chance to train homeless and immigrants with 3%. So adding some job centers seem like a good start.

Next we thought it would be good to add some income buildings, giving her a taste of an increasing SIM income, which hopefully sets an example she'll follow. I have seen a lot of players trying to get both income and education, but i always suggest to smaller players to focus on SIM income first and only after having secured a decent daily income, give education a shot.

Most likely after adding the job centers and the income cards she will be in need of some workers, so for good measure we'll add some basic homes to the mix. As i tend to spoil children, and i see new players as new kids on the block, i'll add some backgrounds, which atleast gives her some visuals to play with.

@thegoliath was kind enough to send the following cards:

1x weed dispensary
2x luxury home

I added the following cards myself:

2x job center
2x gym
2x weed dispensary
2x forest

As expected this leaves her city in need of extra workers, 44 to be exact.
It is easy to calculate how many basic homes would be needed to solve this. Her current population multiplier is only 38%. Meaning that every basic home provides 4x1,38 = 5,52. So she would need 44/5,52 = 7,97 so basic homes to get all her buildings to produce income.

As the purpose of these posts is to provide educational value (as in how much does your income increase after making a specific investment) i feel i have no choice but to provide these homes as well. ;-)

So the list continues:

8x basic home

The total value of cards received is:

3x 5,77 in weed dispensary's = 17,31
2x 4,3 in job centers = 8,60
2x 3,44 in gym's = 6,88
2x 1,1 in luxury homes = 2,20
2x 2,63 in forests = 2,26
8x 1,04 in basic homes = 8,32

Total card value is: 45,57 hive

So let's see what this means to her SIM income.
Here is the screenshot of her city after the transfers.


Her SIM income increased from 56 to 112, which comes to an increase of 56 SIM. Yes, we doubled up on her (some pun intended).

So what does this mean in apr? Well 56 sim daily comes down to 20,440 SIM per year, or at todays rate, 98,12 hive. On an investment of 45,57 this means 215% apr. This just goes to show that any investment in Dcity is sound, as long as you put a litlle thought in it.

I'd like to thank @onealfa , @rollandthomas , @thegoliath , @ecoinstant and i'd like to give a big thank you as well to everybody else who supports my Dcity Helper posts, your votes matter!

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that is an amazing gesture... keep helping out these players.

this is really taking your 1st place position seriously and community focused

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Thanks, yeah that is the main idea.
Helping new players, give game tips and get some Dcity promotion.

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Thanks a heap. I've been busy working on a cat post so that those adopting the babies I have been fostering can learn a little more about them. I'm also preparing for a REALLY cold weekend.

You are very welcome. Hope you'll have a nice weekend, snugging up with your kittens next to the fireplace.

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If only the fireplace actually worked. 😔

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Double the SIM is always a big boost for small cities and it only requires 8 days now to buy a new random card if they want the chance at something good! Such a bigger value of cards you sent this time. Luca always so helpful.

The more votes these posts receive, the more cards we can give away.

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Good article to guide newbies. I just bought my first two cards.

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Great, welcome to the game.
I would recommend on getting some forests on the market now and get those citizens off their asses and do some good old fashion manual labor.

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OK thanks brother.

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Ciao Luca, sei italiano?

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no, sono olandese

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I am loving these posts. It also helps me how to strategize.

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