You should have a diverse bag of "nanocap" HE tokens // Just in case

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Oh, lookie here, another Hive Engine token post. Yes yes, its time to make this a thing.

For a long time now ive been skeptical of Hive Engine tokens due to not really seeing much movement in terms of innovation and external reach but now that the first guys broke out of HIVE im seeing so much potential for others to follow after them.
There was also an issue of HE being completely centralized, but theres now rumors that could change in the future.


At this moment i have my eye on a few tokens that could do well in the future. One i mentioned thats coming soon and another ill be buying later in the day so im not going to share yet. lol
You gotta be smart about these things. ;)

What weve seen from those that broke out of the HIVE bubble is that those investors that came in early got in at miniscule market caps. Isnt that the dream of every crypto trader? Getting in at dirt low prices.
All of the tokens that will launch from HE wont look to compete with each other, not really, they will look to help each other to reach the biggest possible external audience.

Hive Engine is the launch pad and from that position, coming from a relatively unknown platform theres no where else to go but up. Yes, this is actually something i believe. When you start at a couple thousand dollars of MC and you have a few determined and driven people, a decent enough idea, and a path to goal completion, youre going places.

Besides Splinterlands and LEO, im feeling very bullish for two more. Im probably missing some but thats just it...
you could be the one that finds them first.


Certainly a lot of possibilities on there @lordbutterfly. There is also a lot of junk.

It is hard to see the good through the bad but that is where researching comes in. A lot sounds good but it often nothing more than a dream by one or two people.

There are some tokens appearing that are from teams that do have a bit of a track record for success so that is interesting.

I am following the idea of decentralizing and altering the governance of HE. We will see what comes of it.

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Research always pays off. In finding opportunities and avoiding busts.

I don't like Hive Engine/Scotbot whatever it is. It's slow and clunky and the front end sucks golf balls. Frankly speaking, it worries me a little bit. Fortunately, there exist an increasing number of wrapped tokens so you don't have to keep your hard earned money in the native tokens and at the mercy of that thing itself.

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Seems like gradually hive engine is gradually turning to what it was meant to be the huge potential


Where have you found this cool bag?

Google :D