Christmas Came Early! My Very First Hardware Wallet is Here!

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This is ecstatic! When I saw the notification that it could arrive within 30-50 days, I didn't expect it to arrive in 2 weeks!

Christmas has indeed came early today for me!

Just so happened someone else ordered along with me to earn free shipping too!

I was very much prepared to be a New Year Gift, but this so happened to become a Christmas gift instead.

Carefully opening up was definitely exciting, even though my phone suddenly failed me and switched back to auto focus (and blurred it... 😅)

Activating it was fairly easy, because they provided a really good video tutorial that I do not even need to search for YouTuber's tutorial; and they are kind enough to give me 3 cards in case I have written my 24 restoration characters wrongly.

The only drawback of this is that I have to navigate and synchronise my wallet through my phone; however it is a more sophisticated than the other hardware wallets that connects directly to the computer, which could still be easily hacked.

Then again, if a hacker is really good, somehow they will find a way to break it.

One of the biggest reminder:

Just like most mobile devices with a battery, it is always very dangerous to charge directly from the plug. The best way if you have is to charge it from a power bank to avoid over charging.

Another big reminder:

This hardware wallet DOES NOT keep my crypto. It is my tool to easily access to my crypto on a safe environment. The one that I need to guard with my life will be the 24 keys, that I CANNOT lose it.

Which begs the question: Exactly how many offline backups of my 24 keys should I create?? 😅

Even the safe deposit box isn't the safest.

That brings us an ultimate realisation:

Nothing on earth belongs to us forever. Once we are 6 feet under, we cannot bring it with us.

Probably I should really keep this aside for a will. Maybe laminate my 24 keys first before doing that. 😆

Another interesting big question would be:

Since this is not a stake friendly hardwallet (like the Ledger) , what other altcoin should I be storing it?

Probably those that yet to be supported by DeFi?

Should I dollar cost average it into this hardware wallet? What would be my first targeted amount as an average saver, not a big fish?

I might start with LTC though. It has always been my longest 2nd choice besides BTC and ETH, even though its value isn't as strong as others.

The funniest part is that out of the first 4 crypto it shown at the top list, BNB and TRON are at 3 and 4 🤣

That truly shows who are the biggest sponsors there.

What do you think?

Which would be your favourite?

Would love to read your thoughts and suggestions below!

Until then



Time sure flies! I am "3 years old" now! haha

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Thank you for your support. If you haven't heard of VAULT, time to explore. It might be our next payout scheme which I'm looking forward to work with.

Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

I am a happy user/owner of SAFEPAL S for maybe 3 month. This is a true GEM. 👌
Good tool to play with HD wallet's seed words is here
Make sure you are on a safe, clean, offline PC - once you play with seeds which holds your real crypto. 😃

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Oh, I'll try to check out the seed word words... but currently my laptop is pretty much 24 / 7 online whenever it is switched on haha.

I haven't really tried placing anything in it yet.