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RE: The Future Of Gold: Not Great

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Good evening, congratulations for your post, it is quite well elaborated and has very good arguments. I am going to give my opinion.

It is true your prediction about the marine robots that in case of being many and taking out in large quantities the gold would become common and its price would be devalued, but I do not think that will happen so soon, large companies always get the way to monopolize the market, and if they can not alone, they join with a couple of companies also large and make the monopoly the 3 together.

But come on man, I don't think they will distribute it to all humans and much less equally, although I understand that it is an assumption.

The truth is that I hope it takes a long time or that it does not happen, it would be a shame that gold becomes so common, not to mention the environmental impact it can have on marine fauna and flora, I'm almost sure it is a huge damage!

A hug and thanks for another very informative post.

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Although, another thing that I think could happen is that the market could split, I say this because they are already looking for another planet, a way to search for valuable resources in space and blah blah blah. scientists talking things.

But we'll see, I don't think it will take more than about 15-20 years to see this kind of thing. @taskmaster4450le

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