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Yup rewards valuable opinions across the web. Rate anything, earn rewards for accuracy, and gain status in topics that interest you. It integrates with every site and platform, providing a universal influence metric.

Start by signing in with Twitter on the Yup site

Surprise! 🎉 You’re now earning money and clout based on your Twitter activity.

The best way to use Yup is through the Browser Extension, a browser plug-in that allows you to vote on any site or piece of content across the web.

It’s super easy to use: Download the extension, sign up, and simply vote. That’s all. When others rate the same as you, you get paid and build an influence score in the process.

How to make money
Users can make money by voting. YUPX tokens are distributed as rewards, and users can swap them for $$ credits on Venmo and Amazon.

The Process
The Yup protocol determines the monetary value of each vote based on each voter’s INFLUENCE. For example, if 100 YUPX is being distributed in 1 hour and your vote’s influence makes up 5% of all vote influence in that 1 hour, your vote is worth 5 YUPX. Yup then rewards that money to all previous voters who voted the same as you AND rewards the creator of the content.

You give your opinion by upvoting or downvoting content.
Someone else gives that same opinion for the same content.
You get paid a portion of the money value of their vote.
And so on! The more votes after you, the more you earn.
Vote Value - What is your opinion worth?
~50% is given to creators (if one exists) and the rest is split between previous voters based on their relative influence.

Not all votes get rewards
Your own opinion doesn’t simply make you money because you expressed it. It’s only worth something if others agree. If nobody votes the same as you, it means you’re either late on that opinion or it’s an unpopular opinion, so you won’t earn rewards on that vote.

More influence more money
Your influence (IN) is a measure of your social value on Yup. Currently, it’s mostly a measure of your YUPX token holdings and rewards you’ve previously received. Over time, we’ll implement a full version of the Yup protocol.

Learn More: Influence

Today, you can redeem your YUPX for Venmo or Amazon credits as well as send them to other blockchain accounts. Users can withdraw by clicking Menu > Withdraw > amount & account
Here’s an example with Amazon:

In the future, we will replace YUPX tokens with YUP tokens that have market value where the tokens would be tradable and liquid (enough). Inc. All Rights

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