Born under the sign of Cancer: Elon Musk, visionary, investor and a Bitcoin booster.

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As you know, I am not an expert in crypto economics, but I want to learn; this post is made for those people like me, who want to know a little more about how this world works. Join me, comment and let's learn together...!!!

After an investment of 1500 Million Dollars in Bitcoin, the biggest bet for a Blockchain based economy, gives way to a new stage in Cryptocurrencies... But who is Elon Musk?

A Visionary

Yesterday the news of the Bitcoin price rise, beating its own record, was trending... The reason? A man made an interesting investment, for the expansion of his business. Elon Reeve Musk, yeah..!!, the creator of Paypal in his younger years, has been able to amass a good fortune, after inventing, and believing in his dreams.


"But silly, fun things are important," Elon Musk,

This is one of the phrases he said on the occasion of the launch of his vehicle into space, which shows that everything he undertakes, he does it from a fun and futuristic vision like that of a child eager to discover a fantasy world.

Born in Pretoria, South Africa on June 28, 1971, he suffered bullying when he was in his youth due to his incessant desire to learn, after the stormy divorce of his parents and in order to avoid compulsory military service, he decided to move to Canada with his mother, where he acquired a scholarship that allowed him to obtain two university degrees: Business Administration and Physical Engineering, key careers that made him take initiatives, projects and decisions that made him part of a millionaire elite.

Who would have thought that what began with a computer at the age of 10 and the sale of his first video game for 200$, would be the beginning of electric cars Tesla, to a set of satellites flying through space by the hand of SpaceX.

Today Forbes Magazine, presents him as one of the world's billionaires.


Qualities of his birth chart

His birth chart indicates that the Sun is in the sign of Cancer, which makes him sensitive and imaginative, in spite of all his internal conflicts, he does not like to be alone at home, he enjoys the company of those who love him, although sometimes he hides his feelings so as not to be hurt, his life is very busy despite a certain routine, whoever is his partner, must have his feet firmly on the ground, have poise and personality. He is a born leader in search of new opportunities and business strategies. He is a dreamer and sometimes longs for and lives in a world of utopia.


We do not know the future, but what I am sure, is that Elon Musk's professional environment is an example to follow for the next generations, tenacity, education, utopia, and the excitement of seeing dreams come true, are the beginning of infinite creativity.

I'm @leticiapereira and I hope to see you in an upcoming post...!!!!
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