Joining the November Hive Power Up Day (HPUD)

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It's has been a while since I participated in the power up day. I think it was still in the old blockchain (Steem) when I last joined the contest. So here I am again, joining the rest of the Hive community for the Hive Power Up Day (HPUD).


This time, I am joining the rest of the Hive Philippines community in this endeavor. However, I like to emphasize that I am not doing this for the contest, but to be part of the community who believes that powering up our Hive will help to boost its value and stabilize its price. In support of the Hive Philippines community, I am actually sponsoring the contest through a 200HP delegation for one of the contest's winners. Next month, I will increase that delegation (to the December's winner) to 500HP and I hope that I will continue to add more so that to help encourage more users to join the power up day every month.

Currently, I am on the track of increasing my Hive hodlings as part of my 2022 Challenge. I haven't updated my #hivejourney posts but I hope to write something about it before the end of this week.

Going back to my own power up efforts, here are my stats:





In my 2020 Challenge, I have a target of 10,000 Hive Power at the start of 2022 and I am more than a quarter of that. Hopefully by the end of the 2020, I will pass the 30% mark of that target.

That's all folks. This is just a short post regarding my participation in the Hive Power Up Day. Regardless of joining the contest or not, I hope many Hive users will power up their accounts for the reasons I mentioned above and most importantly, to earn passive income through curation or delegation.

I appreciate your feedback by commenting below.

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Congrats on your power up and thanks for supporting the #hivephPUD. Keep safe po.

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Salamat. Next month taasan ko na sponsorship ko :) Keep safe din

Ayos! That's what we need. hehe...

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