Bitcoin Supply & Demand Economics Hit the Mainstream, XRP is Exploding and BTC Outperforms Gold

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BTC Hasn't Had a Down Week Since October 5th


Jason Choi posted the BTC weekly chart on Twitter. To those who say that the bull run hasn't started, take a look at how we've just seen a supercharged BTC price rising upwards with no real BTFD opportunities.

Pomp Appears on CNBC's Squawk Box


Pomp is a major BTC bull. He's got the majority of his net worth in Bitcoin and talks about it frequently on his YouTube channel and various news outlets he appears on.

In this clip, he talks about the "fair value" for Bitcoin. There is a real migration in the conversations around Bitcoin in this bull run compared to 2017. This time around, most people are focused on basic economics due to the contrast provided by the global economy.

Central banks are printing money left and right. Inflation and other economic pressures are being put right in center stage for the whole world to see. With this happening simultaneous to the BTC halvening, it's interesting to see no-coiners get educated about the industry in a way like never before.

Bitcoin is Now the World's 6th Largest Currency


@jrcornel shows a chart with the top 6 currencies in the world. BTC is now #6 on this list and climbing fast.

It's pretty hard to ignore Bitcoin when you see it climbing the ranks on all sorts of factors. I also saw a tweet this morning that said BTC is on trajectory to do $2.1 trillion in transactions. Compared to Visa's $700m in 2019, this is a massive number.

You can't ignore innovation forever.

BTC / Gold Correlation Has Seen a Major Divergence


@jondoe talks about the BTC / Gold correlation and how we're seeing a major divergence in the past few months.

BTC has been tracking much more closely to the broader equities markets as we see new all-time highs being made. While many thought that gold would be a great hedge against the current macro economic environment, it turns out that BTC is outperforming... by a significant margin.

Playing off the last post - you can't ignore something this obvious for long. Expect to see a lot more press coverage about this BTC / Gold divergence in the months to come.

Coinbase Disables Margin Trading


Techcrunch published this piece today about Coinbase disabling margin trading on their platform. The CFTC has issued new guidance on regarding this regulation for U.S. traders and while Coinbase Pro was allowing only a limited set of customers use this feature, they still have to disable it.

Will this be permanent? It's hard to say. I personally have mixed feelings about margin trading and allowing people to use it. With proper education and risk management, it can be profitable but for most people, it's a dangerous game.

In crypto, assets are already volatile enough. That's just my personal opinion. With that said, I am pro giving people a choice to do what they want to do with their own money. There is no doubt that this would've been a huge money maker for Coinbase if it rolled out to their broader customer base. I imagine they will fight hard to get it back.

XRP 2017 -vs- XRP Today


This next article comes from The Bitcoin Dood. A popular crypto twitter influencer and LeoFinance author. He contrasted the happenings in XRP today compared to his experiences in 2017.

There's a lot of great insight here and the relevance is on point as many in the crypto space are trying to glean insights from 2017 to inform them about the current run we're seeing in 2020. As we enter December, many believe we'll see a true run to set new All-Time Highs. With the above XRP chart, it looks like this could be a definite possibility.

CryptoFinance Initiative by @TheyCallMeDan


We've all been impacted by crypto in different ways. For many of us, we came here seeking speculation and gains on these new assets we could buy.

The deeper you get into the industry, the greater potential you see. Crypto is not merely a tool for speculation. It's a massively innovative and disruptive technology that can and already is changing the tides for many people across the world.

One of the best examples are users on LeoFinance/Hive from Venezuela. Many are able to earn massive value from their content and engagement on platforms like and this is just the beginning. I encourage all of you to jump over to Dan's Post, read about the initiative and join in on the fun. Tell us about your experiences with Crypto and how it's changed your life.

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Bitcoin isn’t rocket science. 🤣 It’s math doing what it was designed for.

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lol but how can we get to the moon without rocket science.

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The current bull run is amazing and I wonder if in time we'll get new lows all over the market. I would say no because there are different variables to the crypto equation, but cannot just think that a fall will come as well. That makes anyone wonder... when is it good to sell?

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XRP has done a big step nowadays and it will be on the moon sooner or later we all know that until the spark airdrop will be done xrp is gonna have a big step on the market its a wise idea to invest on xrp the earlier the better so good luck guys!!!more power to cryptocurrency!

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Black Friday sales started early

BTC = $16200

Soon 14K ? Got enough dry powder (cash) ? 😃

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

People needs cash for Black Friday, so they are taking some satochis for it... just guessing, ha ha!

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Crypto crypto currency market is thriving like never before and I think time is near when crypto currency will take place of gold

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What can I say BTC can easily become the first from the sixth position in ten years time. I mean look how many projects that's been built and the valuation BTC gas been gaining lately. Hopefully in years to come we can also talk not our traditional tokens in this manner.

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Great updates and news!

I just hope BTC dumps a little bit so, some of us can buy in. About the @theycallmedan initiative, I'll be sending in my entry soon. My finances have its rootings majorly in cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin truly is "THE" digital gold. I never thought the first mover advantage would be so devastating to all other competition/crypto but obviously I underestimated its significance.

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The point with volatility in crypto space it's already like leverage by itself as it's high volatility. We should not think of a need for leverage, but if people want to risk there money it's okay.

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congrats to BTC

For sure, it had a great year.

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Hmmm supply and demand. If only we had a coin the had a small supply and a user case for demand like a social blogging site. Where can I find such a coin.

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Uhmmm....isn't that the one they call finance Leopard or Lion...perhaps it must be Leofinance 😁

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The future is now

It looks like it is starting to get exciting

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Loving the daily newsletters. I think it's a matter of time before mainstream starts commenting on BTC. Already had someone share a news article from Sky News about BTC reaching all time high but obviously still references the nuclear winter that happened after ATH.

Interesting how BTC has diverged away from gold in a big way the last month or two! I was thinking of getting some gold but will probably stick to the digital gold instead 😁

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Woot Woot, to the moon.

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I believe XRP will be back to previous ATH before the years end. Would @leofinance be subscribing to coil to farm more XRP? It seems a lot of large sites are using coil after I checked out their Discover page

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I had so much XRP at one point. Too bad I didn't keep it. Hindsight is 20/20 in 2020.

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Good Job! 3.jpg