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RE: CryptoWendyO: January, 2021: Altcoins: 10X Pump Coming?

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hello madam @cryptowendyo glad you are now in leofinance but i am still not sure about the ownership of your youtube channel on leofinance social media,
for that, please verify your leofinance account on your YouTube channel. thank you, sorry a little critical,
since some of the links you have are in your YouTube information, why not add your leofinance channel in your YouTube description.


Hi @leo-v-id
Thank you for your concern.
Please feel free to contact me via my YouTube Account or my email address or my Twitter account, regarding this account.

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Thank you, your account has been verified, Madame, I hope your days will always be in the fun leofinance community.

Hi @leo-v-id
Thank you

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