What is the (QuantFury) QTF token?

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The QTF is the official token of the QuantFury Broker, this token will be able to give all its investors many advantages that little by little the QuantFury core team will reveal along the way. Basically investing in QTF, gives you a return based on the investment of each one, which is based on the Spreads that exist from users who use QuantFury, ie, by buying this token would begin to be part of the real business of the Broker, which is precisely to bring trading to all people and through the Spread that is simply the difference between the Bib and Ask stay with some part of the commissions.

It should be noted that these Spreads are not placed by the Broker, but are to the market, in short this means that they are connected to the main Exchanges, without any modification. These profits that they obtain through this business, they divide it among all the QTF holders and the profits are distributed through another currency.

QuantFury as a Broker


This Broker was founded in 2018, its main feature is that it does not have "Commissions", neither "leverage nor maker/receiver fees", which means that QuantFury, came with the full intention to modify and combat a problem that is very present and that happens with most of the Brokers in the industry, which is that, they all charge for trading on their platforms and this makes QuantFury unique in its kind.

QuantFury allows you to trade Cryptocurrencies, buy and/or sell stocks, fiat pairs and commodities, basically a whole range of options on assets, covering basically all types of existing markets in a single application. The highlight of this is that we can access all these assets by investing with cryptocurrencies, which is a really economical way to transfer and access to any market. These operations in the different assets, are made at the best market price, in short, they will never be the creators of the price, as do many other brokers, who create synthetic indexes and assets that what they do, is to give advantage to the company and a clear disadvantage to all users who wish to invest in this platform.

QuantFury and its application


This application is one of the key and main points within what is this broker and what can really mark the future of this company around its competition and market, since it is an ingenious application that takes trading to its simplest, but in turn, a powerful way, allowing all users to take advantage of all the advantages of the market in real time and as I said earlier, with spot prices, without placing their own prices as other brokers.

It has had a constant growth, and soon, it will also have its own web interface, which will allow its expansion to be generalized so that it continues to grow and increase its volume of operations in it. Of course, it should be noted that they have a support that works 24/7 and is also in several languages, which facilitates personalized customer service and, finally, each deposit is insured.

QTF the token, origin and essential characteristics.


The project was unveiled in 2019, moreover it is constituted by 100 million tokens, having an initial cost for private investors of 0.65$ per token. I must emphasize that this sale was not public, but only for a group of private investors who also support the project. The amount obtained by these investors was only 2.5% of the total tokens, while the rest, 97.5%, is in the hands of the company itself. Now this percentage will change, since, they will leave 10% in order to make a public sale so that all the loyal followers of this Broker, can obtain benefits with the QTF token.

QTF Key Features

  • Thanks to the creation of a smart contract on the Ethereum network, we can access decentralized finance (DeFi), around the internal economy of QuantFury as a Broker.
  • Verification of prices and quotes
  • Verify the broker's trading conditions
  • Verify trading volume
  • Along with QTF, the smart contract of this system, creates another token every time another position is closed, this token is called QDT (QuantFury Data Token), this represents the average value between buy and sell prices, in this sense, the holders of the QTF, may obtain QDT, then through the same smart contract, these are burned and consequently each investor receives Ethereum as a form of payment for their investment in QTF and the above mentioned Spreads.


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It is an incredible opportunity for all those who want to join the QuantFury platform; and additionally, earn money based on the broker's real business, based on the Spreads. On the other hand, I will be bringing more information about this project in which I am dabbling since I am a trader and financial market analyst. Expect more updates from me soon.

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