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The real estate market is one of the most famous investments around the world, many famous investors have amassed an incredible fortune thanks to their incredible plays in this market of the Real Estate, however, the investments, the economy and the way we can give and create value, are passing to the digital world with an extraordinary speed thanks to the technology Blockchain.

This is the case where there is now the possibility of "Tokenizing" the rights of a property, allowing its commercialization and transmission to be much faster and safer than the traditional way we all know. Based on this, an American company called "RealT", has launched an innovative proposal for real estate investment and tokenization based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

In this publication I will explain all the details that I know so far about this platform that has caught my attention because of the way it generates passive income and the ownership and participation that the investor has over these properties.

What is RealT?



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RealT is a real estate investment and tokenization platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain under an ERC-20 token that, allows anyone from anywhere in the world to acquire a property in the "United States" in a totally legal way. In turn, these persons will be able to obtain fractions of a property that will be represented by tokens called "RealTokens" with the ability to obtain passive money from that property, in this case if it is rented.

These tokens operate with two exemptions from the federal laws of the "United States", which allow the sale to accredited investors of that country and the sale to persons who are not natives of the United States, in short, abroad.

What is the procedure to follow by RealT to acquire a property and obtain dividends?


The functionality is extremely simple, since each one of these properties in the platform are managed thanks to a limited liability company (SLR), which divides these properties into ERC-20 tokens according to their value, where basically their job consists of finding tenants, collecting rent and making the most important changes and/or repairs needed to keep the property in good condition.

However, the people who are creditors of these RealTimes and who represent the property of a real estate obtain a passive weekly income that comes from the rent and/or the lease of the same. Of course, the holders of these RealTokens, according to their tenancy, are able to vote on the decisions that are made regarding the property referring to their tenancy or a possible maintenance if needed. With a good governance system and as it is the case with the operation of an investment fund, the investor who has more tokens, his percentage of income will be much higher compared to the others and also his weight in the decision making is also higher.

Buying and selling tokens



Screenshot from Realt.co

As in any platform, the registration process is very simple, however, in order to buy RealT tokens, we must perform the usual process of KYC and then request our account. Also for this purpose, we must place our preferred Ethereum wallet, however, if you do not have any the platform allows you to create a new one from it. Once you have approved our account, the next step is to go to the market option to acquire our tokens and see the available properties in which we can have a participation based on your rent and/or lease.

For the purchase of these tokens, we can use currencies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDC and Bitcoin Cash. On the other hand, the cost of each token ranges between $50 and $150 respectively, which represent, depending on the platform, the lowest amounts we could find in the Real Estate industry. Also to take into account, the passive income that we will receive from the leases will be received in a "Stablecoin" anchored to the value of the Dollar, which is sent directly to the registered wallet where we will commonly store the RealTokens and which can be changed to our preferred currency at any time.

Finally, all users will be able to sell their holdings at any time, either to other users within the same platform or to the platform itself on a limited basis with a maximum amount of $2,000 per week.

Affiliate program


The platform also has a very attractive affiliate program that has the following features that I will describe to you below:

  • 2% refund on all Real Tokens sold.
  • Advance notice on new properties listed.
  • Rewards for referred users and more!

Please note that this affiliation process is not automatic and that in order to officially participate in it we must first have purchased tokens on the platform.

Conclusions | Conclusiones


This is a platform that I have liked, it is always attractive to earn weekly dividends for our investments and having tokens that define in fraction my power over the property in question is something really great, it simply takes away all the paperwork that must be done in a traditional way, where thanks to the Blockchain technology this whole process is totally simplified, fast and secure.

You can access this platform by clicking Here

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There have been also in the past different approaches on tokenizing the real estate market. I had bought some tokens for different companies, which sadly, dumped as they could not bring the value needed. I need to dig deeper into RealT. Is it something like an REIT?

I want to see some real estate token that brings the old concept of financing via a bank, for the leverage, but without the bank. That would be an interesting approach. To have all the advantages from a bank, but without having the credit score affected. Real estate makes sense only if it can levered. :)

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