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RE: Walmart: Driverless Trucks In 2021

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This is going to bring about mixed reactions. On one hand, the technology will be seen as record-breaking but on the other hand, a lot of people are going to lose their jobs.

This is certainly good news for some and a very bad one for others

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Technology is going to take out a lot of jobs.

Many expect that it will create many more. However, I think the speed and breadth of this movement is going to make it tough for many to get involved with the new skills require.

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I believe technology aims at making life easier and by making it easier, it also serves to cut costs.

I second your view on people losing their jobs due to technological advancement.

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Technology does make us more advanced.

It is good to see what is happening in spite of some of the drawbacks.

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Yeah. The drawbacks are pointers worth noting too as they will help make the next invention almost free of error or set back

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