Will BTC stable at 10 K in the end of 2020?

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Btc price hit 11.900 in 2020. It was the highest record in 2020. The lowest price was around 5,000 USD. It was in March 2020. Today the price is 10,490 Drop 6% from few days before. The red alert signs almost all tokens and coins. Since the price of is altcoins influenced by btc price, most coins and tokens are red. The down price is various from 1-15 % lower.

BTC price will be at the rate of 10-11 K USD until the end of 2020. There are no big news on bitcoin. The most crowded news are on defi projects. Defi projects have attracted a lot of attention from investors. However, bitcoin price still interesting for big pockets.

It is time to buy bitcoin?

If you have a little cash, I think buying bitcoin is not profitble. I think , buying lower price coins on top 50 coinmarketcap is more profitable than btc. Polkadot is new comer, it is now on top 20 lists. The price is still low, the project seems attract a lot of investors. Polkadot is multichain service network. You can visit polkadot.network to read the white paper.

While btc and other coins are dumped, EOS rises about 3,4% and Tron 1,2 %. With small capital, buying stellar is more profitable for short time holding. Stellar price drops to -7,3 %. The price of stellar is 0,081 USD. The change of price is very quick so holding stellar in short term will be profitable. Just wait and sell at the profit price.

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