Promoting Leofinance At Local Bitcoin Forum

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Today, I try to make a short post about leofinance in the biggest local bitcoin forum in Indonesia. is supported by the largest bitcoin exchange in Indonesia Indodax. Indodax has more than 100.000 traders.
Since to get reward in hive mainchain is difficult, I 'd prefer introduce leofinance to new users in Indonesia. I know that the members of the forum are bounty hunters, traders, and newbie money earners. By promoting leo to local forum, I hope the popularity leo will increase. It effects to the leo price and hive numbers of users. To join leo, ones should register hive so promoting leo is the same as promoting hive.

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Great idea @lebah.

Be sure to drop the links of any posts from people you get to sign up and become a part of LEO in the discord group. We will support those articles with LEO upvotes.

I submitted your article so hopefully you will get more upvotes on this.

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Just be sure to let them know ahead of time that it's not some get rich quick scheme. Even the top authors only make a few bucks.

Granted, that probably goes further in Indonesia.

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