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Foodie token is token based on food fans. With the front end of foodie token will be alternatives for hive food bloggers. If you have hobby in cooking, culinary , and just food eaters you can use to post your work. Your contents will be appreciated with hive and foodie token rewards.

How is the price?

Foodie price rise slowly as the leo token price jumps. I think some hive investors will turn to cheaper investment to side chain. For small bag holders buying leo will cost a lot of cash though leo is profitable. The alternative is foodie token.

Foodie token used to in steem nerwork. After hardfork the developers decide to migrate to hive. I got few thousands of foodie before it migrated to hive. The price was dumped at the time so I got the token in cheap price.

Today's price is about 0.0012 hive. It just moves from low price 0.0009 hive.

Time to buy foodie before bullish

Look at the chart. The bid of foodie token increase. I think foodie token will be best reward token for food blogger in hive network.

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Are you talking for a trade or a long term hold?

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For foodie I stake for long term hold. For trade it is still low volume. More investors will not relaese the token in low price. I think just earners who release for low price.

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I love to cook and for this reason i get 3k of foodie and stake them, but some times I review and get a little citation about it, I think, he speak in hold because who do not love the food and the food community is very amazing and you always received feedback from they, for this reason i recommend buy some for hold, I review too to get a little more for a few hive, I said you could lose 10 Hive and it is not a great amount, or maybe win the double or more, see Leo as an example.

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Is the food community active and growing? Are they developing more on their site?

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Yes they are active.
Here the evidente of this, with the statistic from @dalz. With the development maybe they need help, i review more to help they in the development maybe the @themarkymark could help, thanks a lot we hope this grown a lot.
The foodies bee hive.


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That is good. Growing a community on Hive is very helpful. Over time, I hope the outreach is huge. After all, many love to talk about food.

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The fans are growing , developing the site? in my opinion the admin focus on the contents

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Yup, focusing on content and community... we are a small team but have large ambitions and a passion for food!

I stake 40 k foodie

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Love your Foodie post!

Yum! You have been curated by @anggreklestari on behalf of on #Hive. Thanks for using the #foodie tag. We are a tribe for the Foodie community with a unique approach to content and community and we are here on #Hive.

Join the foodie fun! We've given you a FOODIE boost. Come check it out at @foodiesunite for the latest community updates. Spread your gastronomic delights on and claim your tokens.

Join and Post through the Community and you can earn a FOODIE reward.


Sure, FOODIE is yum! :D

You seem to promote peakd front-end more than your own! Why do I see more links in this comment to than

Yes , the admin seems use peakd more often

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We use PEAKD a lot. We felt it was easier to pull in from a larger user base that seems to use PEAKD, especially after the HF, plus all their community tie in features. When we moved to HIVE there were still a lot of issues settling out the site. We are looking at a more integrated plan for 2021, so stay tuned! And thanks for the support!

Yessss... HODL Foodie :-) Thanks for posting about our token. We are climbing the food chain! Lot's of plans for the coming year and through the end of this year. We were one of the first tokens to move and embrace HIVE and we think it's a great token for food lovers. We are growing and have moved into some of the top communities on Hive! We intend to continue to grow! We do use PEAKD a lot but also have our own condenser version that we maintain. Looking to make updates to that in 2021... You can earn Foodie tokens through both interfaces. We are where Food Passion, fun and Crypto meet

This is all still very new to me.
Where can I buy foodie token?
Where do I go to stake them?
Why is the Foodie token valuable as opposed to the Hive token & exactly what is the difference?
When creating content are you gaining both Hive & Foodie token or just 1 of the 2?
Why is it better to post food blogs on foodiesunite vs. hive blog?
Which one gains higher attraction & pays off better?
When posting on foodiesunite does it also show on hive & vise versa?

A reply would be great. Thanks & I do look forward to posting quality content on the Hive blockchain.
I hope to learn more about the Hive blockchain as well as there is a huge learning curve to overcome.