Fake Uniswap Give Away

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Uniswap is a growing defi and swap exchange. The token price is growing. This make scammers use uniswap token to take benefit to scam more people. Via youtube, the scammer try to fake his viewers.

In this case, the scammers created a fake Uniswap YouTube channel that supposedly has over 400,000 subscribers. They also launched a live video displaying 40,000 live viewers with the protocol’s creator – Hayden Adams.
Lastly, the classic scam is completed by offering to double all UNI tokens sent to a specific address. Meaning, that if users send 250 UNI to their address, the fraudsters promise to send back 500 UNI tokens.

This is an old methode of faking cryptohunters. By sending some uni token , he promises to double the token. The methode of cheating seems old but for one with no aware of the scam action, they will be cheated. I am not sure if he use hipnotized action in his video or not but, when there are people who get scamed. I think the ones were hipnotized.

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Thanks for the heads up... This is the oldest scam method... Good to warn new users about these scams... :)