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Have you heard dinggo? it is an exchanger that start ICO about two years ago. The ICO didn't show the hardcap or softcap. I think the developer team do not announce because the ICO failed. Until now, the project has a product . It is an exchanger that has zero volume trading. It means that dinggo has no fans and communities.

When you see the twitter account. It only have 1000 followers. That is a very tiny account for a start up that promote ICO from two years ago. I think there are no potential for this project. I critisize the ICO because the twitter is active but no wort tweets that people will go to the website.

I guess this developers and marketers are not strong team or it is a personal not a team, I am not sure about that. From my analysis how can a good team only make 1000 followers for more than two years?

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