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Are you a twitter user, BCB Atm very is very active in twitter. The company promote their products of ATM in UK. There are many location that they claim have installed BCB ATM. Do you trust the start up like that? OK, let's think twice. I am one of the participants of the bounty hunters. I promoted BCB ATM about a year ago. The promotion manager is bounty suite. Since bounty suite halts the service , BCB ATM not yet pay the bounty hunters. I got the tokens in the list of spreadsheet but there are no tokens coming to my eth wallet.


BCB ATM will fail the trust from its future clients because at the first step, the team have not built the trust to the promotors. They are bounty hunters. A company that neglects bounty hunters will fail in ICO projects of post ICO projects. Why, Bounty hunters are thousands or hundreds. When a company fail to built a trust to bounty hunters, it means the team has cheated the communities. In cryptocurrencies, communities are the first asset because their tokens will have no value without community. It is ok, for BCB ATM to cheat and scam bounty hunters, but you will feel your pain that your products will not be trusted by your customers. This post will be read by thousands people , hundreds of investors, if BCB ATM not pay the bounty hunters, let's see what happen then!

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