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RE: The Silver SQUEEZE is ON! This is Only the Beginning

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My friend, no offfence, I know you just love SILVER, but 3%? come on... HEX was up 30% yesterday... Richard Heart himself bashed Silver in a resent stream saying it performed extremely bad and is not for investing only for jewelry.

I really think you are better of investing in HEX and PULSE, then Silver!!

Innovation my friend!



I agree, crypto is a good way to eventually purchase the shiny. I'm investing in HIVE by blogging about SILVER. I haven't bought any crypto with fiat in years. I use my fiat while I can to provide for my family and pay the bills.

What's happening here in the US is concerning. With the printing presses going like mad, stimulus checks being cashed, tax "returns" flowing into people's pockets, the dollar is showing signs of weakness. We may be seeing major inflation in our lifetimes. When the fecal/fan hyper-inflation situation comes, I want to hold something in my hand that can be weighed and traded, something difficult to do with crypto.

This has less to do with SILVER itself, more to do with timing. When I'm begging for food for my family, silver in hand will be more attractive than crypto keys.

  1. skills (gardening, healing, building, selling)
  2. land (natural resources)
  3. hard assets (real estate, property, gold/silver/etc)
  4. consumables (food, medicine, bullets)
  5. soft assets (cryptos, investments)
  6. liquid assets (cash)

I agree we live in a complicated world. But the best hedge for inflation in fiat money printing that I know of, has been HEX, up 350x in 2020 and 440x since inception december 2019. Now something similar could happen to the PULSE chain that will launch very soon, so thats our second chance for mad gains.

Gold performed worse then the dollar, and silver probably something similar. I do get the story about Gold and Silver being hedge against inflation and something that you can hold in your hand, but seriously they have not performed well for many years.

If you invest what you have in Silver in HEX and Pulse changes are that you will get much more wealth, that you could keep as safety and maybe sell some to feed your family. Best strategy I know of.

Thank you Lasse, I hope HEX and Pulse will buy you lots of silver some day.

Haha its funny how we are having our different preferences, I am really just trying to give the information that I have to my tribe members. I dont have a crystal ball, but I do believe that HEX and PULSE will be massive money makers from here.

I appreciate that. You know I think crypto is much more solid than fiat. It's worth earning, especially now.

It's difficult for me to admit to myself that crypto is in a bubble, because the blockchain technology is solid. It's also difficult for people to understand the physical silver is artificially deflated and will eventually experience a massive correction. Selling overvalued assets for undervalued assets is how wealth is transferred during a correction. Whether that's in my lifetime or in the lifetime of my children, I don't know. Might be next week.

Problem is that a lot of crypto currencies are nothing but copy cats / scams... its hard to find real solid cryptos.

I do believe a lot in HEX, it performed very well before this bull market... you have to remember that a lot of things go up in a bull market, the art is to find something that is solid so it will continue to perform well even when the bear market hits. I do believe HEX is that!

That being said, even HEX has gone up A LOT, then it still had extreme dips. So its all relative.... but that Richard Heart dude really is something special! Even he dont know that the earth is flat, he knows a lot of other valuable stuff.