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RE: Some Ways Technology Is Going To Radically Change The Business World

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I think we are far away from having robot overlords! Yes automation is very real and will impact jobs and we are not prepared as a society. On the other hand, it should reduce the cost of goods especially 3d printing meaning less material waste and labor cost, these savings should be transferred to the consumer. Maybe we'll have less jobs, perhaps we need less to live. Blockchain technologies opens a whole new portal for this automation aggravating the jobless/automation problem in the first place. Yes they can also be an era of abundance, it depends on how humans will use the technology, with greed being the main driver of society, who knows what kind of road we are on but early adopters will sure benefit in abundance. Obviously me being here I support a model of the users should be the owners and have a say but if the powers that be can help it, they will do whatever they can to prevent that and their demise of their archaic system. Also the general population prefers everything catered to them on a silver plater with no risks because people can own in what they consume doesn't mean they will actually take the plunge.


I do not buy into the robot overlords idea.

We will end up becoming intertwined with our technology, just like we always have.

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