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RE: SIM down again - but now I am president (again)!

in LeoFinance2 months ago

So this policy is aimed at shaking up the hands already in play since attracting new players is already kind of screwed due to high taxes?

Personally I think this is just a good 2 weeks to ignore dCity now. No draw or reason to check daily anymore now. It's just going to be a static NO REWARDS.


yes, there are no rewards except war shares payouts, tech mining, citizen mining, job training, criminal formation, prevention card mining, background card mining and 30% of hive ranking rewards, so you should just ignore it!

I have some ideas for new players, for example I wrote this post which will be useful for anyone new to hive whenever they get here. This policy is not aimed at attracting new players directly, that part of your comment is correct, but if a new player did want to start I would recommend to them that they keep an eye on the market during the upcoming capitulation phase I mentioned in the post.

Yeah, I'm just going to ignore dCity whenever you are president from now on.

Cause let's be honest, if you could stop us from getting those rewards as well, you would.

Okay, that's a link on how to make an account. But now that you've had several people tell you that this has been the breaking point for some new users, what is your real plan to get new players into the game? You're basically the #1 player of dCity (not counting boss baby because he's an owner) so you stand with the most risk to be "the man holding the bags" if this goes tits up. You, more than any other player rely on new blood in this game to turn a profit, correct?

I could be the somewhere between the 4th and the 8th top player in DCity, its a little hard to measure, but your point is well made, and I in fact am doing what I can to stir discourse, protect the reward pool, change perceptions and consolidate our investment!