"Vote LeoFinance Witness" Artwork - 3 x Page-Dividers + 4 x Banners (Footers)

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This is a post in support of the LeoFinance Witness on the Hive blockchain.

I offer the community a selection of LeoFinance-themed "Vote LeoFinance Witness" artwork in the form of page-dividers and banners/footers. The idea comes from @behiver's post: LEO Finance banner design challenge for @leofinance witness.

The intention is to raise and spread awareness of the fact of the LeoFinance Witness (currently ranked 33) and to encourage folk (at the very least those who benefit from the LeoFinance ecosystem) to cast a vote for LFW if they haven't already.

This artwork, as always, is for folk to use as they wish. Each image has a width of 2400 pixels. The page-dividers are *.png images and have transparent backgrounds.

If you'd like to look at some alternative LeoFinance Witness artwork, checkout the comments section of @behiver's post for some cool designs by @st8z and @eirik.

3 x Page-Dividers:




4 x Banners / Footers:





Other posts by me with LeoFinance-themed artwork for anyone to use:

Thanks for visiting 🙏
Barge (@krunkypuram)

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Good! Go LEO!

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Oh boy, more goodies to add to my posts, I hope this helps spread the word about how important it is for the Leo Finance community to have a top 20 witness.

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Thanks my friend, I'm pretty sure LFW will get to the top20 when the floodgates open.

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Nice work. I have been meaning to make a post template with a few banners for things I support. This is something I could certainly add!

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Thanks Capt. C, nice to hear :)

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Very nice! The lion is a great Symbol to be using for a lot of reasons.

Media Avoids Giving Attention
Lotsa Indignant Outraged Non-accepters

.......such may be the game of pitting sides against each other's throats...nice way to stage the appearance of apocalyptic end times......fascinating to wonder how high the puppet strings go, and just how many layers above may be operational ...and where in those invisible layers 'above' is the illusion of separation breached and the unity of purpose become visible (again)...!

That sounds like a topic for a chat show lol, altho' I know naaathing and kinda shit ma pants at the thought of a 'stage'!



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Robert Anton Wilson built an impressive writing empire back in the day with NAathing...

s'all good man...

Thanks bro v.interesting links to explore along those puppet-string lines....saul good indeed (⌐■_■)

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Great art work and nice materials to use and promote the @leofinance witness. The western style banners are pretty neat, so can't wait to use them and spread the word. Thanks for your work and contribution for the Leo Finance platform!

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Excellent! All guns blazin' eh ;)

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good work! how much time did it take to create them?

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Thanks!....... I'd say this lot took a few hours in total. I don't really keep tabs on time and often leave it and return after walking the dog etc. In general I like to go until it feels somewhat complete and if not, to take a break and return with a fresh head :)

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i like your logic!

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