TORUM Update - Newly Reworked PostLibrary + Mobile Responsive

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TORUM team just delivered a huge update that definitely makes every Landers life so much easier. I don't wanna waste your time so let's jump straight into what changed.

TORUM Update Recap


Newly Reworked postLibrary and editorLibrary

This was in my opinion one of the most important updates that took place on TORUM the past few months.

Landers can now go down a line while posting by pressing "ENTER" and with "SHIFT+ENTER" while commenting. I know this might sound like a minor change to some of you but in my opinion this will definitely raise post and comment quality on TORUM cause everything will look so much more organized and beautiful.

Murots in "Threads" & "Draft" Functionality

TORUM has it's own set of emojis called "Murots" and users can now add their favourite Murots in Threads so they can make their post look much more fun to read


As far as the "Draft" functionality, that's a life-saver! Imagine writing down a blog for over an hour and loose all your work cause you accidentaly exited your browser. This has happened to me and it sucks! Feels good to not have to worry about this stuff anymore!

Mobile Functionality

The biggest update of them all! Mobile Functionality is up for all Landers who prefer to use their phone for their social activities. You no longer have to turn on "PC Mode" when you browse on TORUM from your mobile device. Just type and everything's should run smooth.

P.S All these updates took place some hours ago so expect some bugs! If you experience any bugs please report them here :

TORUM Team Is Building

While everyone is talking about profits and shilling useless projects, TORUM team is building. They could have already listed #XTM in achanges and probably #XTM's price would skyrocket with all the hype that's that's steadily growing around crypto but they prefer to deliver first.

I highly respect Team TORUM for this choise and I think that they will deliver something unique the crypto world is missing, a social media that's gonna be the "Home of Crypto".

If you wanna join TORUM then feel free to use my referral link and we'll both earn 75 #XTM when you verify your account


See ya over there!

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Torum is getting better and better with time. Good times ahead!

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That's for sure man! Keep stacking them XTM like there's no tommorow!

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Thanks a ton buddy!

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I already used a Social Network on Ethereum and doesn’t work. It doesn't work due to too high transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain. Does Torum work?

TORUM is not yet tradeable so no fees included in transfers between users! I suggest you try it out buddy!

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Thanks for reply