Juicy News For UTOPIS Holders


UTOPIS is a passive income token issued on HIVE Blockchain which pays its holders weekly returns in Hive just for holding UTOPIS in your wallet.

@Chronocrypto, the funder of this project just shared a juicy update regarding UTOPIS future plans and since many of you are holding some I decided to share the news for visibility.

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According to the latest announcement in UTOPIS Discord, looks like UTOPIS is about to give us holders back some crazy returns


Damn right?

Get ready to receive some sweet Hive-Engine tokens every week for holding UTOPIS. @chronocrypto already has a big stake in some of the most well-known tribe tokens on Hive so buying more of'em and sharing curation rewards is gonna make us all some really good money $$$.

My UTOPIS Earnings

UTOPIS Holders earn Hive just for holding UTOPIS tokens in their wallets. The bigger your stake, the bigger your weekly returns.

Here is this weeks UTOPIS Payment


And here is last weeks payment


My weekly earnings have doubled and this means that UTOPIS is killing it! You see, @chronocrypto mines ETH and used that ETH to buy Hive and share it with all us UTOPIS holders.

With the ETH price and transactions going up, miners mine more ETH so more money flows into UTOPIS thus more weekly returns for us UTOPIS holders.

Oh, and also keep in mind the low UTOPIS circulation. Only 150,000k Utopis are out there so you might not wanna miss that boat


Buying more UTOPIS

I've already invested a fair amount of Hive in UTOPIS but with these awesome weekly returns and news I just can't stop buying more and more.

In fact, I just bought 20 UTOPIS more and this officialy makes me a top 20 holder in the UTOPIS Richlist


Passive income is the future so I'll keep adding more and more legit tokens like UTOPIS and BRO to my wallet and slowly but steadily build my own passive income empire.

Read UTOPIS Whitepaper : https://leofinance.io/@chronocrypto/project-utopis
Buy Utopis on Hive-Engine : https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=UTOPIS

This is not a financial advice. Do your own research before investing

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Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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