Curating AWESOME Dtube Content - Week 4

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Welcome to one more #Dtube Curation video everyone, how are you?


For those who don't know, is a decentralized video platform in which you earn crypto for sharing your content in an un-censorable environment when someone upvotes (like) your content.

In this video, I highlighted 5 of my favourite Dtube content creators of the past week, promoted their videos and of course showing them some love by upvoting their content.

Dtubers I Curated

Super Mario 64 - Course 7 - Boil the Big Bully

Crypto market Analysis 25.10.2020

Self-Voting Is The New Normal

Finished a Water Quest in @splinterlands!!! Hoping for Good News this Week from My Lawyer!!!

How to be a Good Parent

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a ton for a full-time online hustler like me.
Much love to everyone and #Dtube on!

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