Recommendations of the most popular crypto industry books in 2021

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In 2021, the cryptocurrency market has gained unprecedented upward momentum. With the price of Bitcoin and the total market value of the cryptocurrency market hitting new records, people's interest in blockchain technology is unprecedentedly high. In the 12 years since Bitcoin came out, blockchain technology has developed rapidly, and it has become more practical, scalable, and safer.

Due to the rapid changes in technological innovations in the crypto market, developers and investors rely on more comprehensive knowledge. In this article, we will recommend 6 books that are very popular in the encryption industry, and hope to help you!

"Digital Gold: The Inside Story of Bitcoin and the Millionaire Trying to Reshape Money"

Coin World-Recommended Books on the Most Popular Encryption Industry in 2021

In 2015, a book written by the well-known technology and business journalist Nathaniel Popper was shortlisted for the Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year awards. This book summarizes the history of Bitcoin and driving technology.

This book explains how Bitcoin users firmly believe that the blockchain is the only innovation since the advent of the Internet, thus helping it reach amazing heights. This book introduces the story of the team that developed Bitcoin together. It also includes research materials such as Satoshi Nakamoto, Taylor, Cameron Winkelworth, Ross Ubricht, etc.

"Mastering Bitcoin: Programming an Open Blockchain"

Coin World-Recommended Books on the Most Popular Encryption Industry in 2021

The author Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the well-known Bitcoin and open blockchain experts, as well as the founder of three Bitcoin-related companies and multiple community open source projects. His writing mainly introduces the concepts of Bitcoin and blockchain to readers with no technical background. Among the basic cryptography books, "Mastering Bitcoin" also explains the techniques that keep developers and software system architects in mind.

In order to outline the functions of cryptocurrency, it introduces the concepts of decentralized networks, peer-to-peer structures, and transaction life cycles in detail. The latest edition of the book also covers new technological developments in concepts such as Segregated Witness, payment channels, and Lightning Network.

"Blockchain: A Blueprint for the New Economy"

Coin World-Recommended Books on the Most Popular Encryption Industry in 2021

This book shows how blockchain technology can automatically track all digital applications. It explains the role of blockchain as the basis for a decentralized database, and also lists the ways that blockchain can be used to make public services, medical record keeping, and academic publishing cheaper and more efficient. Overall, this book believes that blockchain is a way to completely change the computing paradigm.

"Basic Knowledge of Bitcoin and Blockchain: An Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Its Technology"

Coin World-Recommended Books on the Most Popular Encryption Industry in 2021

Anthony Lewis’s book is divided into four main parts.

The first part helps readers gain some knowledge about the history of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The second part delves into the nuances of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

The third part outlines what is blockchain technology. The fourth part will be very useful for potential investors and crypto enthusiasts. It explains what you must pay attention to before buying or investing in cryptocurrencies.

"Blockchain Developers: A Practical Guide to Design, Implement, Release, Test, and Protect Distributed Blockchain-Based Projects"

Coin World-Recommended Books on the Most Popular Encryption Industry in 2021

This book mainly serves people who want to engage in blockchain development and innovative research. It covers various consensus mechanisms for realizing mining and mortgage income. In addition, it provides a general overview of cryptoeconomics, peer-to-peer networks, decentralized ledgers, mining, wallets, and transactions. This book really introduces development protocols and guidelines in depth, and provides actual cases and code examples.

"Crypto Assets: An Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond"

Coin World-Recommended Books on the Most Popular Encryption Industry in 2021

Co-authored by Chris Bernice and Jack Tatar, this book provides a framework for readers to understand the reliability and intrinsic value of crypto assets, which will help investors make more informed decisions. The book also provides tips and actionable insights on how to navigate the market.

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