Reminder: Next dCity Splinterlands Tournament Tomorrow!

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Today I only have a quick reminder for everybody interested in Splinterlands: The next dCity tournament is going to take place tomorrow at 11:00 AM UTC. I did an article that detailed why people should totally compete in these tournaments last week and everything I've written there still holds true.

Basically, all you have to do is sign up for the tournament and you've already made a win, even if you don't win a single match afterwards. Here's the tournament structure:


As you can see, right now only 38 players have joined the tournament, but ranks 33 to 50 are still going to earn 1000 DEC each. ENTRY for the tournament is 1000 ENTRY so it's simple math: 1000 ENTRY are currently sold for a bit less than 5 Hive on Hive-Engine. If you then sold the 1000 DEC you'd get just for competing, you'd earn 6.8 Hive at current rates. So just for signing up, you already gained 1.8 Hive. But obviously, you could earn a lot more. It's a Bronze League tournament, so most decks will have a chance to compete and the top prices pay out pretty decent prices - overall there are $208 worth of DEC to be won.

So what do you have to do to join the tournament? Simple! Just follow this link to the ENTRY market on Hive-Engine, get yourself the 1000 ENTRY needed to join the tournament and boom! you are all set to go. It's an anytime tournament as well, so you have a complete day to register your matches. As long as you have your teams registered by Thursday 11:00 AM UTC, you are all good.

dCity Tournaments are a great way to compete for some nice prices while finishing the competition with a guaranteed win. If you are not in yet, now's the time to get your ENTRY and register.

That's all from me today, thank you all for reading and I hope to see some of you in the tournament!

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@proto26 - you asked for a reminder in last week's article, so here it is - don't miss tomorrow's tournament ;-)

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Oh wow! Wasn't expecting this! Thank you, captain! Let me prepare for it. I've tried some regular tournaments with no luck. Hopefully I do well in this one!

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I am the 50th one to join, by seeing the break even Maths. I generally shun tournaments.
I rarely miss to read your posts but anyways a reminder is great (if feasible).

Nice, we are already at 53 players now, more than what I had hoped for honestly.
There's a 500 DEC price up to #100 so everybody should still be good.
Best of luck to you in the tournament!

What time zone is UST? Googling shows me nothing. Do you mean UTC?

Dang, thanks for pointing it out, was meant to be UTC. I get confused with international time zones a lot ;-)

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Things aren't looking so good so far. I submitted all my teams, lost 2 battles and won 1 only by default. At least I'm guaranteed to win back almost half of my investment. I have no regrets!

Let's wait and see how things will go Captain, you only need to win a couple of matches to come out in the positive!