wLEO is a Long-Term Value Add for the LeoFinance Ecosystem

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As we get closer and closer to the official launch of wLEO, our entire community has rallied behind the value that it can bring to the LeoFinance ecosystem. Some people are definitely in it for the short-term gains, but there are many others who understand the long-term prospects of having an Ethereum bridge connected to our community token.

While the launch of wHIVE was muted to some degree, I believe that the launch of wLEO is a lot different. With wLEO, we're following a trajectory laid out by other DeFi coins and communities. Offering things like LP incentive structures and collaborating with Uniswap/DeFi community groups that are willing and able to spread the word beyond Hive.

In any business, you need to understand your audience and know not just what they want.. but what they need.

For a successful launch into the DeFi space, you need to focus on these needs and desires. On the surface, it looks like DeFi is a greed-driven industry of scam artists and opportunists. When you dive beneath the surface, you'll find a passionate global community of developers, investors and users. There's more to DeFi than food coins and thieving Chefs.

I've been talking a bit with Prof K - whom I consider to be an expert in DeFi. He's spent months in deep research and activity in the DeFi space. He's peeled back the DeFi onion more than anyone else that I know and has been dropping some knowledge on me. He's pointed me in the direction of a few very interesting projects and DeFi ideas that the Leo team and I are continually discussing ahead of the wLEO launch.

wLEO is about attracting people outside of Hive to the LeoFinance and Hive ecosystem. Hive is our home, but at some point we have to venture out of the nest beehive and go look for opportunities to benefit our home and our project.

"Flowers provide bees with nectar and pollen, which worker bees collect to feed their entire colonies. Bees provide flowers with the means to reproduce, by spreading pollen from flower to flower in a process called pollination." - 1

The key to growing Hive is to take our project out into the world and attract people back to our community. wLEO allows us to collaborate and integrate with applications, communities and protocols like never before.

Thorchain Collaboration (Example)

I followed a Twitter conversation between @jk6276 and the Thorchain developers. I also saw that he wrote a post shortly after describing the situation in more detail - "WLEO/RUNE this year."


You can read Jk's post for more details, but Thorchain is essentially a decentralized protocol that is similar to Uniswap. There are some key differences in that Thorchain has its own blockchain and thus, offers features that Uniswap (which is a project on Ethereum) cannot. They are creating an Ethereum bridge that will allow ERC20's (like wLEO!) create cross-chain liquidity pools.

Collaborating with a project like Thorchain would bring massive exposure to our community in terms of potential new bloggers, readers and token investors.

This is merely one example of how wLEO will open up our community to the broader world of crypto and allow us to onboard new LeoFinance/Hive users.

Think Long-Term

I would like to continually reiterate this idea to think long-term when it comes to the LEO token and the LeoFinance project. We are still in the early stages of accomplishing the vision of our community project and the idea to go broad and bring people back to Hive is becoming more and more real each day.

The collaboration and integration potential of Wrapped LEO is enormous and once the technology is in place, all it takes is our communtiy getting involved while simultaneously reaching out to other communities/developers like the Thorchain team to create opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

The crypto ecosystem will soon be at our fingertips. Our listing on Uniswap is imminent and that is incredibly exciting for a lot of reasons but the real potential lies in the weeks, months and years that follow.

We've been putting together a library of information about wLEO, Ethereum, DeFi and Uniswap. We're building a new webpage to handle all of this information (along with another new webpage which will serve as a landing page to all the various projects under the LeoFinance umbrella - aimed at informing non-Hive users about our community).

Stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to explore some of our previous podcast episodes where we talk more in-depth about the LEO/wLEO token bridge and our future plans:

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That’s brilliant I don’t know much about Thor chain will have to read up about it! I also see that COSMOS has ERC-20 minting so we could also leave the wLEO on that chai and any dApps they have! LEO is laying the roadmap for other tribes to do the same and apply the token in unique ways

Prof K also told me to research Cosmos and something called Desmos. I still have it bookmarked and need to do some deeper research about it.

The more I learn about DeFi, the more I realize there is yet to discover. wLEO is all about collaborating with projects in the broader crypto space, so we'll always keep the doors open and look for projects that are willing to list/work with us. I think this is extremely bullish for LEO and Hive in the long run.

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I’m actually working on a post on re-minting options now avialable as the stop gap for interoperability and atomic swaps! I see tron is also launching theirs soon called tBridge.io

So imagine all this opens up having access to ETH, Cosmos, THOR and TRON dapps and exchanges that’s going to drain liquidity pretty fast

I’m actually watching leo moves and learning from the journey as I’d like to build something similar in the future

That sounds fascinating. I'll give it a read when it goes live.

The accessibility we get when there's a wLEO token bridge out there is amazing. We'll have our hands full for the forseeable future digging into all the ways we can collaberate and connect with these other chains and protocols. Exciting times!

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Thanks for the frequent updates. It builds trust and earns more support for the LEOfinance peoject.

We're building a new webpage to handle all of this information (along with another new webpage which will serve as a landing page to all the various projects under the LeoFinance umbrella - aimed at informing non-Hive users about our community).

Glad you're finally looking at this direction.

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The landing page idea is important and now that we have so many projects under the LeoFinance umbrella, it's vital that we get it online. I think I recall some posts you've made in the past calling for a landing page, so once you see what we've built, you'll get excited :)

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A new world opens with this move and being part of the LEO community even if I am not powerful enough to get on board with the Liquidity Pool, I will continue bringing value through content posting.

A boost and motivation for the entire community, great reaction and adaptation to what happens in the crypto space at the moment!

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The @spinvest project and @jk6276 are organizing a "pre-pool" of sorts for smaller accounts to get involved in the wLEO Uniswap pool. This will allow accounts with less LEO/ETH to get involved in the DeFi space and avoid paying gas fees! Check it out https://beta.leofinance.io/hive-167922/@spinvest-leo/opening-up-a-wleo-option-for-smaller-investors

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Good insight, let me check it right now!

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Getting better and better!
When telegram :)

Telegram soon!

Then we'll really get the DeFi folks in the LEO community :)

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Yeah, never thought about a telegram group....that should be big.

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Yeah it could be another great access point. I don't use it much, but will try to set it up today and see if we can populate it with some info for those who don't like Discord.

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@khaleelkazi . How is the Leofinance Community (and ownership) governed?

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Right now the content rewards are governed by the community (with LEO POWER curation) and the development team is led by me.

Over the coming years, I'd like to install governance protocols that allow users to vote on what we develop, budgets, etc. but we need to get the project off the ground and more established before eventually decentralizing those decisions. As of right now, I also provide all of the funding for development :)

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Thanks for replying. When you're ready to investigate a potential governance system, which has the potential to revolutionise blockchains, and rock this world, let me know :-)


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Will do!


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 6 months ago (edited)

I feel like I'm about a month away from the penny actually dropping on defi, but I know you guys know what you're doing, and you trusted me with the airdrop in the beginning, so you can expect my actions to reflect my gratitude.

Thank you for your very clear posts , it is a pleasure to read .
I believe in Leo the thing that bothers me is DeFi , last night in discord someone said it is scammy like bitconnect