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RE: Hive Posts Length | What is the average? | Is there a correlation between post length and payouts?

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Very interesting - this is a question that I’ve seen continually over the years.

I may do some self-experimentation and do some very long posts. Im somewhat good at that ;)

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Lol. English Teachers call that “rambling”.

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A lot of the content posted on Hive is narrative. If you want a more fashionable and pro-term for that, you could look at "confessional journalism". Which in British English happens to represent a large share of current opinion and column writing.

But you can, indeed, also call it "rambling" in order to highlight an elitist touch.

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I love your answer and I love having an elitist touch when it comes to my opinions about writing.

I also love reading narratives, ulogs are my favorite content on the hive network. Someone sharing in long form about grocery shopping is enjoyable to me.

For leofinance I prefer short, concise posts.

Sadly enough English is only my fourth language and one whose grammar never interested me. Subtitled English movies and early MTV are the basis of my English. Sadly enough. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As such I also tend to fall among the "ramblers". As a reader tho, I'm definitely an elitist and that also shows in a vast amount of +2k words articles I read every day.

But newsworthy content should often, indeed, not be more than the (for Google recommended) 550 words. And with short paragraphs, please.

Hive has somehow re-energized the early era (ca. 2005-2007) style of personal blogging and that shows. Not everyone is a native speaker and not everyone is a writer either. Many are even not (great) story tellers. But it's beautiful that earnings have been further democratize, beyond the "wannabe problogging" scene which quickly killed personal blogging once it started picking up pace around 2007 and even the smallest paid link opportunity started slowly disappearing for most "freetimers".


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1160 words per post :) Including the videos

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