BAT is Up 35% This Week | Here's How I'm Selling and Accumulating More

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I've talked about my crypto portfolio in a few recent posts. My crypto is primarily invested in 4 places:

  1. BTC
  2. HIVE
  3. ETH
  4. BAT

Over the past week, BAT has risen about 35%. While that's not a crazy move in the crypto space, it is relatively uncommon for BAT to have wild swings. Personally, I think this is due to a more efficient economy for the BAT token - meaning that it's real-world use case and utility actually adds to a greater degree of price stability.

So with a 35% rise, I just made another small sale of my holdings in BAT and then set a bunch of bids to buy back in. I've sold on the way up (3 separate sales each with each 10% rise), but this will likely be my last sale unless we push higher by another 10% or more from here.

I'm still very bullish on BAT In the long-term, so I firmly believe we'll see a correction back down to ~2500 SATS (or lower) where I'll be able to re-accumulate. After 4 years in crypto, one of the biggest lessons I've learned is how & why I should take profits anytime there is a price hike out of the blue.

Where I Hold BAT

I hold BAT in a few places. I keep a small amount on the exchanges for active trades and open sells (to catch those big upper wicks), some in a cold storage wallet and a very small amount in the MakerDAO loan protocol.

Whenever I sell, I usually scrape a little bit off the top from the exchanges, MakerDAO and 1 of my other hardware wallets and leave my cold storage alone.

how the latest withdrawal impacts my collat. ratio

withdrawing 4k BAT from MakerDAO

I've talked with a few people here on Hive about Maker vaults and how I utilize them to mobilize some of my crypto. I'm still not entirely trusting when it comes these kinds of protocols, however, so I always ere on the side of caution and keep a small amount in the vault. I'm also always at the ready (with alerts and the whole nine yards) to protect my vault against liquidation.

The other risk (outside of liquidation) is that the protocol has some kind of failure or the MakerDAO "decentralization" isn't as decentralized as they say it is. @edicted has written about this in the past few weeks.

Fortunate for us, we're seeing new protocols being created and new DeFi ecosystems built. Competition is always a good thing and I'm hopeful that it will either improve MakerDAO's system or cause the launch of one that is even better and more decentralized.

BAT Ad Model

We've modeled the LeoFinance Ad Model after the BAT ad model. They're doing amazing things with the BAT ecosystem and that is one of the primary reasons I'm bullish on the token. - shows the growth of Brave & BAT and also shows BAT buybacks with on-chain proof

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Does bat sit in my wallet until i spend it, or do I need to send it somewhere?

I think you're talking about the BAT you earn on your brave browser wallet - if so, then I'm not sure what happens to it. From what I understand, it jut sits there until you use it.

Alternatively, you can now withdraw it and move to your own ETH address

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Ok, I just hadn't seen last month's total in awhile.
This month's hadn't added yet.

I'd have to kyc to send it to an ether wallet?

  ·  last month (edited)

I won't touch most of my BAT before 50c. BAT has very high potential. I had a 25% KNC portfolio which I sold early at 270% profit. Then it went upto 550%. It made me so irritated at my impatience. I had full confidence in KNC yet I still succumbed to early selling.

Also, I wanted to ask if you could give me a link that explains LEO token distribution.

I agree, it's got massive potential. I'm selling small bits here and there when the price spikes like this past week, but mostly with the hopes of buying back lower so I can accumulate more.

Hey, 270% is nothing to be upset about. We'll never sell perfectly at the tops every time. The key is to play a patient game and take profits when you can.

Back in 2017, I had a similar mentality with BTC and I sold a bunch at $20k, but not as much as I should have sold because I believed that it would push beyond $20k and could run to $50k... Looking back, I wish I had less greed in my blood. We live and learn

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  ·  last month (edited)

Back in 2017, I had a similar mentality with BTC and I sold a bunch at $20k, but not as much as I should have sold because I believed that it would push beyond $20k and could run to $50k... Looking back, I wish I had less greed in my blood. We live and learn

Literally everyone was thinking that. Which meant that a lot of people weren't selling but the demand to buy kept coming it. But when the demand went down, so did the market. Very few people made good money then (primarily early adopters).

I agree and I fall into a middle camp on that spectrum. I made some good money because I was early enough, but in hindsight, the greed of wanting a higher BTC price kept me from realizing a lot more of my gains. Buy the fear, sell the greed :)

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Until recently, I'd only had the BAT earned through browsing due to issues with CB when I lived in Germany.

Started buying last week and really think the potential is huge. I love the browser and am bullish on BAT.

After 4 years in crypto, one of the biggest lessons I've learned is how & why I should take profits anytime there is a price hike out of the blue.

That's the truth, isn't it? Did you blog about this? I'd love to have a link I could share about lessons learned for new people with an interest in crypto, thanks! :)

I'm sure I've written similarly here and there in the past, but I think this post really exemplifies the way I've started doing it over the past 6 months or so -- taking profits on BAT on the way up (everytime it jumps greater than 15% in one day) and then setting bids to buy back in at cheaper prices

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I grabbed a little BAT around 2400 as it was looking like a mover and have sold half of the grab around 3100 and will likely sell the other half if it hits that 10% or on the way down from here. We are probably playing with different volumes, but it is good to feel like I am getting a little gain somewhere :)

That's a solid ~30%. Nice trade

Yep, I was just talking with someone about BAT today and it's definitely still a long-term hodl for me, so I am taking profits with others at these prices but I truly believe we'll see it correct and I'll jump right back in at those cheaper buy levels I set.

Feeling gains and taking profits never hurts :)

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All my respect for crypto savy people. I have to start learning this somehow

I hate to sound like a shill about our own product, but I think one of the best ways to learn about crypto is to be active in the LeoFinance community - this is one of the main reasons we launched the community here on Hive.

We're all about learning & teaching crypto and finance. Always happy to help in any way possible. If you ask any crypto question and post it through, I guarantee that you'll get some responses within our community that will help you out (it also gets posted to Hive).

Hope to see you around more :)

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Ok, I will😊Thank you!

HE shills, he scores!

Really don't know much about BAT, i would love to research on it and how it works

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I highly recommend looking into it. The brave browser is exploding in its user base and the BAT ad revenue system is growing as well. BAT is one of the few cryptos out there with a true use case outside of speculation

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I've been picking up BAT here and there, I would say its probably one of the most adopted programs with DAU in the space. I do pick up a few ads and the push notification is great, but I would like to see them roll out an opt-in display ad network to rival GDN and combine with other crypto social media sites to allow native advertising with BAT, lets say Leo can accept BAT for promoted posts and such.

There are quite a few crypto ad networks now I think around 10, could all be great integration options for BAT

I think that would really drive more value for the token. Affiliate coin and Kind ads tried this in the ICO of 2017 but couldn't get a working product out but I think BAT can do it

one of the reason it rises due to the defi application that you can stake BAT to mine compound. If you know how to use maker dao, you may be also to check out compound with your spare BAT for additional yield.