Urgent Coinstar advanced report for March 2020: Eureka!

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“Black birds tend to like Shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven

I am early for this exciting update March Report as I will have a more comprehensive quarterly report on my findings on my search progress of my local Change handling machines. And this is also a bit of a test for my first Hive parallel post.

I am happy to report the following yet abbreviated findings and get right to the point.

Only part of the March findings.

My favorite grocery store’s Coinstar find has yielded me my first silver coin! Along with the typical junk indicating that the coins originated from a neglected coin jar by the odd items dumped into the sorting tray and obviously rejected. Aside from the pill battery and rubber washer I need not indicate the paperclip and stale popcorn kernel.


2014 2 Dollar Polar Bear Reverse, BiMetallic Elizabeth II 4th Portrait, KM# 1257, Schön# 945 Mintage of 16,305,000

1972 1 Cent Lincoln Memorial Reverse, Bronze, Obverse: Lincoln portrait, Liberty 1972, In God we trust, KM# 201, Mintage of 2,933,255,000


The Silver coin

My Silver coin Find: 1876 - 1967 10 Cents Mackerel
Reverse: 1876 - 1967 10 Cents Mackerel Circulating Commemorative coin
2.33 g, Silver fineness 0.800
18mm Diameter, 1.21 mm thickness
reference KM# 67, Schön# 69

Obverser: Queen Elizabeth II, DG Regina
Mintage of 62,998,215
Edge: Milled

There is a particular footnote as pertaining to the silver fineness composition of this coin. The silver fineness changed from 0.800 to 0.500 past the halfway point of coin production for similar reasons when the 1968 10 cents was started in the early fall of 1967.

While the majority of 1967 10 cents are 0.800 some are 0.500, unfortunately there are no distinguishing marks to indicated whether the coin is either .800 or .500 without testing.

One simple proven test is the weight: 0.800 silver is 2.33g UNC and 0.500 silver is 2.18g UNC

The @stokjockey test
Accounting for wear, this coin is identified as 0.800 Silver

It may be just a dime, but I am so pumped up at this marvelous find!


So do yea ‘ave a Coinstar Machine near ye? Tell me wha’ Yea plundered from it or any other Change generatin’ vendin’ machine.


1, My own photos/pictures taken with a Samsung 8M-A530W Smartphone
P. Image under Pixabay
W Wiki Commons
R Clip art vectors from 123RF

Coinflation: Metal Values Canada


“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”

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You found a Silver dime !!🤗🤑🤗
That is so awesome @kerrislravenhill, I haven't found one in years!!
You should be pumped, and in a Coinstar machine!!
If it wasn't for this lockdown I would walk down and look for one!!!
Of course I now need to wear my stylish blue gloves!!😇

This just keeps me going and continue checking machines so that someday I may even find an old gold coin (As in my dreams). BTW, I carry a little bottle of Hand sanitizer with me as I carry on looking for Silver coinage from a variety of vending machines. Be safe @silvertop

You as well @kerrislravenhill, My son keeps telling Mom and Dad "I know you guys are not old but........"
We have Hand sanitizer in the car, I know you are a nurse so be extra safe my friend, this Corona Virus just goes right through the Border without a passport!!!
If you find that Gold coin I'm crossing the Border to check out the Coinstar machines!!!

I will wear gloves!!😀😇

That is TOTALLY awesome @kerrislravenhill! We have checked coinstar and other vending machines in our neck of the woods and come up empty handed so far. Some very nice plunder for sure! Take care my friend and be safe and stay healthy!🤗😎👍

It's been almost a year and a half.
It may just be a dime that's worth about $0.75 USD, but it is the thrill of the hunt buoyed on by the success of others. I feel that many Baby Boomers feeling the pinch are rummaging out their old dusty change jars and sorting them through a local Coinstar machine as Banks no longer provide that service.
Thanks for the comment @elizabethbit


I have just commented on your other post (the same as this). How did you post twice on the same blockchain (hive)?

I parallel posted this in SteemLeo/Steem and didn't expect further porting over of my posts to Hive to continue. This is a test post and it seems that the post bridged over to Hive via the SteemLeo front end to end up LeoFinance, Hive. Odd thing is that this post didn't appear on Steemit until four hours later after at about 1:17AM.
Perhaps it is another programming bug to fix.
I really don't know how this happened.