The 1974 Jamaica $10 Sir Henry Morgan Commemorative Silver Coin

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” Blackbirds tend to like Shiny Things” ~ The Bloody Raven

I hate to admit it but Captain Morgan is not really a Pirate. Sad isn’t it? As I pour myself a shot of his finest Rum. And he didn’t invent the rum either. As I study the man, all my preconceptions of the handsome legendary Buccaneer goes up in smoke with each gulp. The Seagram Company lifted his slogan, “Live like a Captain.”

Sir Henry Morgan by A.Exquemelin Under Public Domain
His distended abdomen is indicative of Cirrhosis of the Liver.

I blame a movie that went by the name of Captain Blood starring Errol Flynn who portrayed the famous Welsh, YES WELSH!, Captain Henry Morgan that terrorized the Spanish main.

What separated a Pirate from a Privateer was a Letter of Marque by the English Crown giving Captain Henry Morgan the unofficial license to commit ‘Pirate-like’ activities against England’s rival Spain in undermining their authority. Then against the Dutch in the Dutch-Anglo war. He got damn good at it too.

The Coin

1974 $10 Jamaica Sir Henry Morgan Commemorative $10 Dollars
Reverse: Portrait of Sir Henry Morgan, SIR HENRY MORGAN
Two sailing ships; The Satisfaction at the left, Unknown ship on the right
Weight 42.8g
Silver 0.925

Morgan’s flag ship was named, The Satisfaction, a ship that’s believed to have been captured by Morgan in a raid on Santiago de Cuba in 1662. Then the ship is believed lost on the shallow reefs along with four other ships of his 33 ship fleet on his Panama City raid that took place 1671.

And just before his famous capture of Panama City he had to first take Castillo de San Lorenzo, the Spanish Fort guarding the entrance of the Chagres River in order to get upriver close to Panama City.

1974 $10 Jamaica Sir Henry Morgan Commemorative $10 Dollars
Reverse: Coat of arms, JAMACIA, TEN DOLLARS 1974
Motto: Out of many, one people
Diameter 45mm, Thickness 3.3mm
Mintage of 42,000 by the Franklin Mint
Reference KM# 63a, Schön# 34a
EDGE: Reeding

In 2012 a team from a variety of organizations with divers from Texas State University excavated the site near the Lajas Reef of Panama that was reported to be Morgan’s Flagship. Even the maker of Captain Morgan Rum (Diageo PLC), known as The Captain Morgan Rum Group, entered into the quest. There is no doubt that Diageo PLC would see this as ideal publicity by supporting the effort and funded the project just as the original funds ran out.

Known Artifacts of Morgan’s recovered are deemed property of Panama and displayed at the Old Panama Trust in Panama City.

Where is Jamaica?

Wiki map: Jamaica under CCO 3.0 Flag of Jamaica by P. Linford Pixabay

1676 Map of Jamaica by John Speed
Under Public Domain

The Pretty Banknote for those into banknotes

1992 Jamaica 2 Dollars
Front: BANK of Jamaica, Crest, Paul Bogle, TWO DOLLARS
Swallowtail Hummingbird

For Captain Henry Morgan, eventually a temporary peace was established between the English and the Spanish. Morgan was arrested and jailed for Piracy to assuage Spanish demands. Morgan’s jailing was considered quite light for the charges and conviction of piracy often meant death.

It wasn’t long until that peace ended. With the Dutch-Anglo war threatening the English’s lucrative sugar imports from the West Indies King Charles II freed, knighted and set him as governor of Jamaica.

1992 Jamaica Two Dollars
Back: BANK of JAMAICA, School Children, TWO DOLLARS
Motto: Out of many, one people
Printer: Thomas de La Rue Company Limited
Reference P 69d

Almost a happy ending for Governor Morgan as he essentially retired at the Center of Piracy in the city of Port Royal in Jamaica. Married to Mary Elizabeth Morgan since 1665 but with no known descendants Governor Henry Morgan died of Cirrhosis of the liver and that was likely due to excessive drinking in 1688.

And the other Morgans in my life.

My 1898 Morgan dollar, The Coin

One of nine Morgan dollars from my Father’s estate and it’s a beauty huh? She doesn’t look bad for being 122 years of age does she?

Then there is my Captain Morgan the Rum.

“Tis me drinking mate that I ‘ave shared plenty of drinks an’ anxieties wit’, never a curse word, an’ always bend his ear t’ me. Dashin an’ ‘andsome fellow in his bright crimson frock coat and matchin’ Tricorn hat, if yea not portly n’fancy with liver issues like the real Captain Morgan of history.”

I hope you enjoyed this very seafaring feature

Have a favorite Pirate or Privateer in mind?"

Or into old Pirate movies like 'Captain Blood'?

Arrrh! Please tell me in the comments below!


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1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

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Captain Morgan The Rum


“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”

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You know @kerrislravenhill I used so many staples as a kid on those paper and cellophane coin flips!!!🙄
I love Morgans ...Like you said not bad for 122 years!
Now that 42.8g Jamaica Sir Henry Morgan Commemorative...Nice my friend, thats a heavy weight!!!!🤗

And that makes this baby more than a full oz of Silver and I get to discover who this gentleman really was too.

May yea sails be fill with good fortune Captain @silvertop

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Aye, yea as well mate!!!

But Captain Morgan does look like a pirate!!! I love the history that you share with us. I have learned so much from your articles. Although I have to admit that sometimes, I am not sure if I am confusing facts with fiction, haha. A beautiful 1974 $10 Jamaica Sir Henry Morgan Commemorative $10 Dollars, sis! YOu choose your cons very well. And I love the US Morgan Dollar, of course. We cannot have enough of those!
Have a great shift tonight, sis @kerrislravenhill! Take care 🥰🌺🤙 and a million Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!

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Lol, I do know why I keep those little Kraken rum bottles as they each have a Ten Cent ransom on their little heads, maybe because I like them.

Fact: The real Captain does not look anywhere close to Errol Flynn!
This old movie was one those classics to inspire my Seafaring ways as wee little Pirate princess.
How Olivia De Havellin plays her love-hate role with the dashing Captain Blood because you will always know they will fall in love in the end! This movie was based on the exploits of Captain Henry Morgan.

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A shiny and beautiful Proof coin and an extremely interesting story. Thank you!

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Aye, yea can see why I fancy a shiny coin like this.
And the events of Captain Morgan's achievements are factual history but there were a few surviving individual testimonies that were on thee Embellished side and form those with a fertile imagination.

Thank yea fer th' Token Sair and may the Trade winds bless you with guud huntin!

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Sweet coin Kerris. I was lucky enough to visit Jamaica in the early 2000s and it was a magical place to be sure.

I just have one question about your post though


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Let me show you a bit of my Past as my Pirate Adventures began years ago when the family sat down to watch the old black and white movies on TV and one of them was Captain Blood!
From my Video Collection.....So click on the video button if you don't mind.

Tis me silver drinking flagon.

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Oh yeah, in this past video too.


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Very interesti g coin. You love the island coims

I think it goes well with the Pirate theme collecting.

Plenty of piratey things can happen on Islands and not just on ships.
Thank yea fer th' comment Captain @silverd510

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Thank you for supporting #Piratesunday and sharing the History of Coins and Notes with us. @kerrislravenhill

Yea welcome Guvenor @stokjockey as I owe me existence to be forever enshrined a part of #piratesunday no matter the day or Night!

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As you well know, us Welsh, we get everywhere. Great post too by the way.

As you well know, us
Welsh, we get everywhere. Great
Post too by the way.

                 - welshstacker

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