Mail Call: A little delayed 2020 Christmas gift from @dwingsworld – Constitutional Silver

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“Black birds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven

@dwingsworld has not been active on Hive/Steem for over a year since the long price slide. It does not mean that he had stopped silver Stacking nor we stopped staying in touch regarding the subject of Pirate and non-Pirate Treasures.

Though his Instagram home page doesn't show it, he's still the Pirate treasure hunter at heart. Private and Public Treasure hunting ventures are always an interesting read to us. I tend keep an un-patched eye out on treasure hunting news and share with 'Captain D' the latest finds over Discord.

This year, he sent a Christmas card with a little surprise...

A simple common silver US Dime? No, a modern-day treasure, writ small!


I’m always excited to get a US silver Dime since my Mom would always say that shopping is better over the border and now with explicit talk of a Great Reset, we will see if that opportunity arises. Otherwise, I may just hand my silver US dime roll to my remotely related US Cousins just to say, “I told you so!”

Since starting my blog I've never explained my reasons for accumulating silver dimes, or 10 cents as we Canadians refer to them as, so I now have this opportunity to explain my reasons why.

So, I imagine the scenario of a semi orderly, if orderly being optimistic, the ‘Great Reset’ takes place. Silver dimes or Constitutional silver can assume a trusted role as a transition currency between the hyperinflationary crisis to the time the majority begins to trust the new system. If we trust the new system at all.

Recognizable as money, usually the older folks who may vaguely recall silver used to be regular business currency prior to the 70’s. And I am often reminded that every time I go to my local Canadapost office are always a few of those overpriced proof Silver Royal Canadian Mint coins for sale along with the latest postage stamps.

The Gift Silver Coin Close up

1962 Roosevelt Silver dime
Obverse; Portrait of Franklin D Roosevelt
0.900 Silver, weight 2.5g
Diameter 17.9mm, Thickness 1.1mm

We instantly recognize the image Roosevelt and the liberty Torch on the US Dime just as much as the lines of the Bluenose Schooner on the Canadian Ten cents have been long in use up to today. Unless the person I may be negotiating with accepts Crypto, and even now I haven’t found more than two local people who actually has any Crypto wallet, he would just need to look up Coinflation or Numista or even to check the latest value of silver currency on his or her smart phone before committing to a transaction.

1962 Roosevelt Silver dime
Reverse; Olive branch, Torch, Oak Branch
Edge Reeded
Mintage of 1962 D 334,900,00
Denver Mint
Reference; KM# 195, Schön# 197

The cost of acquiring circulated silver dimes are often cheaper than 1/10 Troy Oz. fractional bullion rounds as represented in higher premiums on a per oz. basis.
The bulk of my ‘Constitutional’ silver coinage are Canadian. I've acquired my silver 10 Cents stack in several planned bulk purchases over the last few years and then adding at least 10 more each time I go to my Local Coin store if stock is available.

And because of their small denomination they can be used in small anonymous transactions and not sweat overpaying a fraction of a 2.3g silver 10 Cents rather than overpaying with a 31g silver Maple Leaf.

As part of your Great Reset Plan consider keeping on hand a roll or two of old silver coins be it; US Dimes, Canadian 10 Cents, English 3 and 6 pence or what denomination of your country as demonetized silver coinage because they will provide you with an extra alternative payment option under your belt. (Arrrh! Tis Not Financial advice.)

I case you are not familiar with the Canadian version of the ‘Dime’ and for the sake in keeping with the #piratesunday theme.

1961 Canada 10 Cents
Reverse; Bluenose Schooner
Legend; CANADA, TEN CENTS, 1961
0.800 Silver, weight 2.33g
Diameter 18.1mm, Thickness 1.1mm
Mintage of 26,850,859
Reference KM# 51, Schön# 51

Even if I didn’t resort to using my US Dimes and Canadian 10 Cents as emergency transitional currency, I’d still be happy to have them as a tangible form of savings next to my core Stack.
What’s Core Stack? That is precious metals that serve a different function I will explain in another blog.

For now, a thank you to my Pirate bro @dwingsworld for a thoughtful and unexpected little gift for this Christmas.
And I hope Captain @dwingsworld would one day rejoin our Stacker Community here on Hive.

I hope yea enjoyed me Pirate Blog t’day

Thank yea fer coming aboard!

The #piratesunday tag is the scurvy scheme of Captain @stokjockey for #silvergoldstackers pirates to proudly showcase their shiny booty and plunder for all to see. Landlubbers arrrh…welcomed to participate and be a Pirate at heart so open yer treasure chests an’ show us what booty yea got!


1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

P1. Message in a bottle by Atlantios under Pixabay
P2. Reindeer silhouette vector By G.Johnson under Pixabay

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Awesome gift, sis @kerrislravehill. How is he doing?

The Card he sent you sort of clued me in on his Purposely Piratey plan. He's quite active on IG commenting and entering GAWs with his usual cheerful optimism. Always happy to get a comment from him on my parallel posts there.

1834 French ¼ Franc 0.900 Silver 1.25g (Napoleonic I loose change)

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Better late than never. Dwing haven’t heard that name in a while. Nice dime and story.

@dwingsworld is Alive and Well as I write.
"Rumors of his demise have been greatly exaggerated."

Thanks for dropping in @silverd510

1901 Hong Kong 10 Cents 0.800 Silver 2.7g

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You never know when you might have to resort to using 'old' money like the dimes, both US and Canadian. At least it's an option, but one I hope none of us have to use. You know, a silver quarter back in the day would buy you one gallon of gas.........and today, that same quarter will still buy your a gallon of gas!

Thanks for sharing @kerrislravenhill and have a good one!

Stacking silver may not be a Get Rich strategy, all things being equal I'd be happy with it preserving our Buying Power.
But, I wouldn't complain if a made a nice profit on it either.

Thanks for your insightful comment @elizabethbit

1942 New Zealand 3 Pence 0.500 Silver 1.4g

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I love silver dimes @kerrislravenhill, the dime is what I always used to try to convince a "Non-Stacker".
"Just invest in one silver dime"
Sometimes it worked, sometimes they just laughed.....🤔
Awesome Christmas gift my friend!🤗

At Post Great Reset I can see myself giving away a few dime/10 cents to people begging at the store front for food from the few who could still buy groceries. It would be a heartbreaking scene if things go bad as I can imagine. My heart would especially go out to the single moms. So I better keep stocking up on these coins when I can.

Thanks for dropping in @silvertop

1942 Newfoundland 5 Cents 0.925 Silver 1.66g

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Dimes are such a simple way to start stacking @kerrislravenhill, I wish I could convince more of my friends ....some won't listen.....

It's still cheap enough to giveaway now and even post reset as an act of compassion. God knows that $2 spent today may help feed a starving young famiiy a day post Reset.

I think we will all play a part to possibly help someone that doesn't have eyes to see my friend....

I have a bunch of dimes, I agree with you on how well they could work for bartering. I think I got a thousand of them for 15 times to face value a few years ago.

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Wow, a Thousand!
It's kind of fun having a whole pile of old silver coin without worrying about their condition. After all they are intended for spending when conventional means are not available. @punkysdad and I are working on getting another bulk Canadian lot at hopefully a decent price.

Thanks for Commenting @tbnfl4sun

1936 Netherlands 10 Cents 0.640 Silver 1.4g

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I like not worrying about the condition, I have quarters and halves too. When the stack gets too big I go-to gold for a while depending on market swings.

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a thousand!!!

They dumped them out of a big bag and weighed them instead of counting them. I still haven't looked at all of them and there are many very old and used ones. I plan on leaving my kids some loot when I'm gone.

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That's the way it should be sold in quantity as most circulated coins are well below their 2.5g wt in varying degrees of wear. If you weigh 50 Mercurys and compare them to 50 Roosies the Roosies will always outweigh.

Thanks, that's good to know!

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That's the best, @tbnfk4sun! What for are you stacking, right?

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thanks for sharing the old Silver wealth units, of real money, @kerrislravenhill. Similar looking to today's copper-clad, with no valuable Silver. I remember that Silver money, that circulated, back in the good-ole-days. Silver coins have a clear and rich distinctive, ringing sound, when dropped on a hard service. Thanks for the memory.

Similarity and familiarity is key, The Rosie and Bluenose hasn't changed since their silver the days before 1965. Doesn't take much effort identifying a silver coin from a Clad Nickel one. Coins that had short runs like this Straits Settlements from an entity that no longer exists are still silver, just harder to accept as legal tender.

Seems easier to get that RING from larger coins tha the small ones.

Thanks for dropping in @cve3

1910 Straits Settlements 5 cents 0.600 Silver 1.36g

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We can still buy dimes in bulk and get a nice break on the price, ready for another load of dimes?


That's why we got a bunch of those white tubes for dimes right PD?

International Small change Silver

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Wouldn't have known that I got here without you, Thank you.

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De nada @kerrislravenhill 😉👍

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Thank you for the Boost @marc-allaria

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