What can you buy for 13.61 Dollars?

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First of all, the exchange rate of 1 Dollar here in the United Arab Emirates to Dirham is stable at 3.67. To Americans or United States of America who use the Dollar for their goods, what do you think can be bought for 13.61 Dollar worth of nutritious food? Is this amount of money enough for you to buy food? Or is this amount not enough for you for a three-day meal? This is my question and survey to find out your opinion and situation in life.

In the Philippines, 50 Dirhams and 13.61 Dollars are equivalent to 660.71 pesos. This is the salary of an ordinary Filipino worker in the Philippines and it will be tax deducted from 5 to 32%. If it is cut by 32%, the remaining wage will be 449.28 Pesos. And at 449.28 Pesos left over the fare and the meal for one day will also be deducted.

Do you think you can live like this? Maybe if you are alone in life it is still possible. But what if you already have a family? It's hard to imagine isn't it? So before you get married, think about it a third time, before you get married.

Do you already have your own house and land and a stable job? If nothing, just tap yourself first and maybe you just dreamed. (^_^)

What did I buy for 13.61 Dollars?

I went to a grocery store with only 50 Dirhams. The first thing that came to my mind was the healthy food that my children like to eat. These include the following. My children only want to eat Water Spinach and String Beans, and with the other ingredients I also take long peppers, Tomatoes, potatoes, onions, sugar, butter, and bread.

This is all my 50 Dirhams cost in shopping with a change of 1.50 Dirhams. My wife @arrliinn told me that what is important is butter and sugar which is a bit expensive. She will bake bread and cookies for the children, we have flour, eggs, and milk from my friends at church. Our situation is difficult now, but God is merciful, we can also overcome all this with his help and mercy.

It's time to go Home

I am just waiting for the bus to arrive. Honestly, this is the only time I will take the bus again after six months due to the implemented community quarantine. And I don't know what the inside of the bus really looks like because they say there is an empty seat between each person sitting.

And when I was inside. True, there is an empty seat between each other. And at every bus stop station, there are inspections. They have a machine detector if you tap your card on the bus machine. And they also check to see if you have a Face Mask. The fine for not using a face mask here is 5,000 Dirhams or 1,361.32 Dollars! That is my salary for one month here! So it's better to just follow the rules.

Finally, I was able to return Home Safely

This is all I bought at the grocery market! Good and I even thought of taking a photo to share with everyone my experience. After all this, I need to take a bath first then I will eat. And what I will eat is the mash potato I bought at the grocery. I will just make my own gravy for my mash potato. And for the Kids, they just ate the bread I bought first.

After I take a bath, then I will cook their favorite "Sinigang" which should have been "Sinigang na Baboy" I am lacking in budget so everything is vegetables.

I hope you have learned the importance of budgeting and how much an ordinary Filipino earns in the Philippines, so we are forced to go abroad or migrate, like me.


I find it very intersting to hear about food, cooking and daily life in different countries. And I love how well you calculate to make ends meet. Strange here vegetables are often more expensive than meat (and I am a vegetarian... ) I hate to think about the circumstances how meat in Germany is produced so that it can be so cheap. But back to your groceries, the string beans look awesome. This is a variety which is unknown here.
And with the mask... we also have fines for not wearing them. They vary between 50-500 Euro

Wow... Too expensive the fine for not wearing mask! And it is in EURO! Sometimes I don't understand why the vegetables is more expensive than meet? (^_^) This blog and all calculations is just came without plan... I just write what is inside my heart telling...

As an non-typical american, I thank you for sharing this.
It is good to be informed about others in the world.

That fine for no mask is really steep.
In the US they just fight, complain and get violent.

Stay active on hive, maybe some treats can be added to that shopping list

Thank you for the comment. That is one thing I don't understand in the US. Why they need to be violent. If you can get into a good conversation.

I like to your blogs... Interesting...

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