Warning! Phishing Attack! They've got me!

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Be careful with this person. I don't know how he manipulated my account? I really have no idea how this happened! Even though my account is really secure, can’t fully imagine how this happened? I don't click on any links because I'm aware of phishing sites. What can professionals say in such a scenario

Fortunately last night I thought of transferring LIQUID HIVE to BINANCE to trade and grow because I want to grow my LIQUID HIVE to power-up. Now I'm trying to change my password, but it doesn't seem to change? Do you have a pattern or format or guide on how to change a password using peakD?

These are the lists of people who have been victimized today only. The incident was shocking and still puzzling in my mind what happened! Everyone should be careful and aware.

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Like other commenters I'd really like to know how that happened.

Maybe you could ask on one of the AMA (ask me anything posts) by the more expereinced Hiveians?

I'll keep an eye out for one myself.

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That’s what’s bothering me so far. How were they able to get the amount of my HBD? If they did this to me, perhaps, they could do it to you as well and to other large accounts.

As you said, I will make a post to ask the expert.

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HOw does that happen?
When you clicked on nothing - that's got me a little concerned
Glad you caught it

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I am super concerned! I have no idea what happened! I successfully change my password now. Kindly change yours if you know how to change.

Do you think you can jump on openhive.chat and talk to me about what happened? We are investigating this hacking.

Yes! I will... I will do it now... I'm 6 hours open from Sunday to Thursday... (^_^)

Hi @kennyroy have you already change your password since the hf from steemit? if not you've been hacked by this user https://hive.blog/hive-167922/@ruah/a-hack-we-ve-been-exploit-calling-the-attention-of-all-hive-user-beware

Yes, I did... And yearly, I did change my password 3x. When we switched to HIVE after a dispute with STEEMIT, we changed the password immediately. I can't figure out how this happened to me? And because of that, I immediately changed my password yesterday.

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How does it happen?

That is exactly my question! How does it happen? I did change my password already!

Crazy things, cant belive it

you should figure out what happened. it has to be through one of the hive related sites you logged onto

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I did buddy! But I can't find the main source of how it happend! This is insane bro...

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OMG - I'm going to change my password again now!

Do it!!! Make it fast! even ACIDYO and others know this incident... This is under investigation!