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What exactly should I do with LEO? Right now I really have no idea about LEO, but since it is new and really popular, I have a lot of interest in how to use it and about these crypto coins. I just read a little and saw that it can be connected to METHAMASK. One of the things I dislike is Methamask because of its high GAS in ETHEREUM. But according to the news, Ethereum is being fixed, how? I do not know yet.

I just enjoy LEO because it is connected to HIVE and I have a great view of LEO. I delegated 100 HIVE to LEO to try and see what happens. I have no other ability to trade or invest in LEO even in HIVE. What I get from blogging, that's what I use to delegate and invest like here in LEO and HIVE. if I only had the ability to invest, I would buy a huge LEO.

Right now, I just persevere with the small faucets I get in different apps, and this is what I use to save a little, so I can buy a new CPU Power Supply. It's been almost 4 months since my CPU's Power Supply broke, and I still can't buy it because I haven't saved enough money. I am currently using my office CPU to mine ETHEREUM using the CUDO MINER application. Just a little and I can withdraw and I can buy a Power Supply.

This is the CPU I use now. CPU of my office.

I plan to invest little by little in LEO once I buy the Power Supply. How? Also through the mining of ETHEREUM, because the electricity is free here in the middle east so I don't need to get worried.

I wish LEO FINANCE had grown even more. Now I have a reason to be able to post my free faucet referrals here at LEO that will hopefully help me on a daily basis. This LEO FINANCE site is perfect for crypto enthusiasts like me!

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I am currently using my office CPU to mine ETHEREUM using the CUDO MINER application.

Nice of you to use your company's resources for mining crypto. Do the earnings go to your company or it just goes right on your wallet?

No, it goes to your wallet! Remember, you gave me your ETHEREUM ADDRESS! Hahaha...

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I don't use ETH, and my wallet is empty. You sure you got the right address?

What a progressive business, having a budget and using its resources to mine crypto. How much budget allocation did the company give for you to use their CPU for mining?

How much? You can not estimate! Because it's morethan to your life! Hahahahaha...

Is that the statement from someone that preaches an ideology that life is sacred and that it shouldn't be measured by material wealth? I'll rephrased that, is that what they teach you to preach or was that reply motivated by an evil spirit?

I'm asking you if the company allocated resources for your crypto mining adventures because if they didn't intend to have that CPU for your mining spree, then you're stealing company resources for your own private gain. Repeat, stealing company resources.

By the way? When have you ever had an interest in the word of God? Eh, what comes out of your Mouth is pure insult to fellow human beings!

And what do you care about what I do? My boss knows my mining in the office using 2 Computers here. Now, what can you say about what you are saying about what I am doing, ha, BISAYANG BAKLA!

Nice trip buddy!

Use your ability to curate correctly, not just the ones that are out of place to make a story and get to know your nonsense.

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