Legit Cryptocurrency Easy Extra Passive Income — Part 01

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First of all, I did show always below in my blogs the advertisement where I invested a small amount. But often, I have no investment in them to earn; only a small amount of time if there is an opportunity. But if you really want to earn fast, you need to learn the basics of tradings. In my case, I only trade once a week and it is set when to sell or buy.

Observe for yourself to believe

This time, everything I will share with all of you here, you can try and study under my referrals. What a wonderful opportunity, so I wish it could be under my referrals? If you don't like it, you have your free-will to direct to the main website. (^_^)

The Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet

One of my favorites is Cointiply. Cointiply is the same as Freebitco but it is easier to use and quicker to earn. Click the image or the Red word Cointiply.

All you have to do in Cointiply is View PTC ADDS and Roll the Faucet. With the extra income, you can play a bet on Play the Multiplier. And the addition is referring to people. It is easier to bet on Cointiply than on other Multiplier bets games. And I can assure you that you will not lose because of freerolls and PTC ADDS.

These are the easy things to do other than completing the surveys to earn. One more thing. If you have 3 dollars you can stake and it will continue to earn even if you do nothing and you have 5% to receive. But do not let 35,000 coins go down if you withdraw to continue 5% of your income. This is the minimum investment.

The Freebitco Faucet

I've been on Freebitco for a long time and maybe I've been on Freebitco for 3 years. But just now I really got serious and left a 3 dollar amount to earn here a little bit.

It's just the same with the Cointiply stake that even if you do nothing you make money. Its annual interest is already at 4.08% and they also pay 25% to the referral commission on whatever earned by your referrals. Now I have over 0.00030000 Bitcoin (3 Dollars). My Bitcoin on Freebitco is 0.00067995 which is more than 6 dollars now.

Just leave 3 dollars on Freebitco and it will have 4.08% interest. Try not to lower it by 3 dollars when you withdraw the same from Cointiply.

The Coin Farm

This is one of my favorite legit investment platforms besides Prospector.io, Crypto Brew Master, and Splinter Lands.

I assure you that it is legit and safe. We already have a lot of investors who know each other, who have already made money from it. My investment was only 12 dollars and I have recovered it, and it still continues to generate income. The game is just the same as the other platforms I mentioned.

The only difference is, this game goes through the spawning birds that you have to sell. Like a Prospector.io you need to mine in order to make a profit. This COINFARM is entertaining because of its cute birds and colorful eggs.

The great thing about Coin Fram is that you can withdraw directly from your DEBIT CARD or your PAYPAL. It is also available in the BITCOIN WALLET and in other available where you want to withdraw.

Examine it carefully to see; And one of the best of it is that it has 2FA security. last week of the month in July they finished updating their system for more improvement and faster transactions. Because of my experiences with legit and non-legit investment platforms, I have learned to be careful and evaluate well even if it takes me a long time to discover if it is legit or original.

I urge everyone to be careful with the investment you are making and you may regret the money you have released especially if it is a large amount. You can also do a stake from the NEXO and ABRA for many months that you like. Then withdraw the amount that you've earned. The same strategy.

Take a look of the post of @arrliinn about staking in ABRA, the Passive Earning Through Abra Wallet: Interest Account.


Come and join me here in Coin Farm! A legit trusted and passive income! It was the same as Prospector.io of EOS! You can compare to the strategy of HIVE and STEEMIT or other cryptos social media also the Cointiply. Observe for yourself...

Coin Farm

Profit every 10 minutes!


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Wow. I'm joining coinfarm asap. Please how much can a 10$ investment yield in 3 weeks?

10 dollars is enough! I did 12 dollars only! (^_^)

Thanks for this very informative post @kennyroy. I haven't heard of most of these sites.

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