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Hello everyone, how are you this Sunday?
I have been busy trying to gather some information so that I can share with you all :)

2 days I ago I posted about some Christmas promos (gifts) - one of them was the extra rewards that Publish0x is giving to its users! (30% extra rewards in its crypto-tips)

If you don't know what Publish0x is, it is a crypto-agnostic blogging site where you can earn rewards by blogging or by tipping other authors. Feel free to use my ref link to join https://www.publish0x.com/?a=y1aKpxJbQG


After my post, I thought of trying to find out how much we receive by tipping on Publish0x!
Every time we tip a post, we have the possibility to change the weight of our vote (in percentage, how much the author and how much the voter receives). But we have no knowledge or control of the currency to be received or to the total amount of tip.


The default values are: 80% to the author and 20% to the tipper.


Let's try to .. demystify Publish0x tipping!

Fact 1 - TIP value

You do not know how much you earn/tip the author until you hit the button. After that, you will see a notification that will include the amount of currency and the currency received by the author and you.

These days (Christmas period), that there is an extra 30% applied - each tip amount varies between 0.01 - 0.07 $ - so from this if you stick to the custom percentage, the author will receive between 0.008 to 0.05$ if the person who tips chooses the default 80/20 percentage.

I suppose that the tips are by 30% less, but I will have to check if after the promo ends and update you.

With the extra 30% included
Total Tip Value: $0.01 - $0.07

Fact 2 - TIP LIMIT

I usually forget to use all my daily tips, to be honest whenever I saw there was a limit - I could not remember how many times I had upvoted :) But now I tested it.

We are allowed to cast 7 upvotes per day (or to be precise, every 15 hours)

(This image is from today, when I had given away all my 7 votes and have to wait 15 more hours to be able to upvote again)


If you tip a post, then you have to wait 8 minutes before you can tip another post.


Fact 4 - TIPS for the same article

You can tip the same article twice but with a 24 hour waiting time. After the second time you tip the same article, you will see this message "You've reached the limit for this post. Why not check some of the most popular posts from today:"


If you wish to tip a different article from the same (or different) author, you can wait 8 minutes and tip them.

Fact 5 - We don't know who or how much tipped us

As far as I know, we cannot know how much a tipper is giving us or even who actually tips our posts - not unless they state that in the comments.

Fact 6 - Comments are not rewarded

You are reminded that commenting will not earn you any tokens :)


Fact 7 - Your posts can be tipped .. for ever!

I did not see any limitation in the timeframe when a post can be tipped. So, in theory your post could be tipped .. for ever! Assuming of course that people can find it :)

Fact 8 - You do not know what cryptocurrency you will receive

On the two days I have been writing down my tips, I saw no correlation between the types of cryptocurrency tipped.

At the time this post is written, the Publish0x authors receive ETH, AMPL or BAT.

In the two days I have tested, I assume that you cannot know in advance the currency to be received.


Regarding amounts in USD (converted with rates of 27 December 2020)

According to my sheet (Appendix 1)

DAYSTOTAL $80% (authors)20% (tipper)
DAY 1$0.1346710$0.1077368$0.0269342
DAY 20.159613$0.1276904$0.0319226

The tipping strategy of yours will affect the amounts.


TIP value: between $0.01 - $0.07 (30% extra rewards included but will be over in January)

TIP limit: every user can tip up to 7 articles

TIP interval: Every tip needs a 8-9 minutes interval between


  • You can tip the same article twice but with a 24h waiting time.
  • Comments are not rewarded
  • You don't know who tipped you or how much
  • You don't know what cryptocurrency will be received

No limitations apply to when your post can be tipped.


So tell me, did I leave anything out? Are there any questions you have about the tipping on Publish0x?
Will you continue using Publish0x?
Do you see the differences with other crypto-rewarding social media channels?

Feel free to connect with me on Publish0x

Thank you for visiting! I hope you found this post useful :)

Appendix 1 - table for upvotes on Publish0x the dates 26 & 27 December 2020


Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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Double tipping on @trumpman? Who does this? :)

Well, I keep 80/20 also. I've seen that it changes as it decreases after the 2nd or 3rd vote on the same currency.

Thanks for the analysis.

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lol, he was my guinea pig :)
I will repeat this after the extra rewards stop and we will see if there is a pattern!

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You covered it all, thank you :)
Just a detail but I think the 7 tips/day reset is happening at 00.00 GMT instead of every 15 hours.

I'm tipping Lions in priority there, feel free to add me and I'll follow you.

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Hi, thanks so much! The 15h also seemed strange to me, so I believe you are right!
found you / followed you on Publish0x :))

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Cool !
I’m out of tips today but you’re first tomorrow ;)

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Very interesting and useful information. Thank you for sharing it.

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My my. This is deep into the rabbit hole 😇 I am impressed by the amount of work and the level of analysis you did for the Publish0X tipping. Great.

Thank you!
I hope I did not leave anything out :)

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I hope not. I did not think we can have a post out of blog tippings to be honest :)

I'm not active on Publish0x :(, maybe it's time to get my *ss over there and do my part of advertising Hive.
See you over there?

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See you over there?

sure ;) You just gained your first follower!

I ll be posting more about Publish0x and some extra tips that I am learning as time goes by

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Holy something, was that long when i registered? Steem? :D I need to change that asap. It's going to take some time to get used to it though.

Thanks for the follow :)

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I need some help. I see there's Blog and Post there and I have to set up a blog in order to post. I've found the FAQ but don't know what name to give to my blog. Can you help me with that please?

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Hi again ;)
Sorry, just saw this question!
Well it depends, my one blog is under my name because it is the same as here i.e. https://www.publish0x.com/katerinaramm
If I was writing different themes, it could be named as "crypto" - "travel" etc

For instance, if you go to this post here
you will see that the first link is the user's name and the second, the blog's name


Hit me on discord if there is more queries ;)

I hope this helped..

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you solved some of my riddles!

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Some? Not all of them? :)

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Hi @katerinaramm
I used publish0x sometimes but did not know all this about the platform. Thanks for sharing this nice tutorial and a guide and explained all about publish0x. Rebolgged.

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I am happy it was helpful :)
I thought that we should be well aware of all possibilities!

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Very nice and useful post, @katerinaramm.

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Thank you! I always consider that my queries should be other people's queries too :)

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Is publish0x only for crypto related articles? Or can you write about general topics?

Hi, thank you for dropping by :)
You can write about general topics, I have seen posts about photography, travel, sports, fitness and more.. However it seems that crypto-related posts are the most popular!
If you join let me know so that I can follow you!

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I learn about lot of features of Publish0x because of your post.

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Great summing.

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