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Every day we share our our content on a variety of channels..
Sometimes there are common audience members that would gladly follow us in other social media channels, if only they new their existence.

That happened to me today.. I read a great article by @joelagbo and since I found him an interesting person, I wanted to follow all his accounts so that I would not miss an update.

But there is room only for one link .. and after talking to him, it turns out he is actively blogging in many channels! And then it hit me (again!)

It is not nice to miss out on new friends on our channels!

How can we prevent this?

  1. With a super nice signature (this will be a next subject, where I will also try out something different)
  2. With a super link that will include all other links :)

This time I will set up a link for my account @aboutheraklion and show you how I will do it.

If you know any alternatives or have any other ideas let me know below :)



Is it free?

It has a free and a pro plan.
We will surely go for the free plan at the moment :)


Going for the 'sign up free'

Fill in your info!


Some info about yourself :)


Then select your plan :)

(Free of course)


Verify your email


Add your links!


Of course with PRO you have many more possibilities, but for now this will do!

Set your preferences/appearance

And you are set

This is my link (but it will be enriched soon :))


What else could you add?

Well, it all comes to your creativity! You could add a recent blog post, a support me - refferal link or anything else you think of!

Your feedback is always appreciated :)

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Thank you for visiting!

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Nice meeting you! 😁 thanks!

Come join us at @leofinance sometime, it will earn you some extra rewards in LEO plus some extra friends discussing finance & crypto :)

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It's really an amazing community. I do post once in a while on Leofinance. But I always do well to include it my tags for crypto-related articles

I am posting here a very good article that I found for anyone who would like to dig more into it.
I have some specific thoughts that I will share soon :)

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