How onboarding also means keeping onboarded happy

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One of the good things I find on the HIVE blokchain is that we are always trying some way or the other to make it easier to onboard users. More active users equals larger userbase equals more talent equals more value to a token.

This is good, and there are so many initiatives to make onboarding as easy as possible with say Splinterlands making an account without having keys, peakd with getting some RCs to start with and so forth.

Today I wanted to point out something for existing users who are not really getting an easy glide in. At least, this is my experience. And if I can't make stuff happen, then most likely there are more people experiencing the same.

Irritation is less users equals less revenue equals less value to a token.


So I was trying to upload a small video, nothing flashy and up until now it still isn't written on the blockchain. Let me tell you why.


At first I went to a place where I have posted before as well as on Steem as on HIVE. Dtube wasnt always working that easy, as in Chrome was the only place that actually let me upload videos. But once I knew this, I would just go there.

Quite recently Dtube went solo, but there are still good options to have you HIVE account still attacted to it. I never made a DTube account before separate until after the fork/splitup (how do you call this?), so I also did not receive any DTC tokens from the fork, which is okay. Because I made my account later on, so this seems valid.

Now I was trying to upload a post, and it seems you need some DTC for this. Also reasonable because after all you need some RCs to post as well right? But atleast with a HIVE account you get 15 HIVE for free as a loan, which allows you to start posting. With Dtube this isn't the deal. Your DTC amount is zero which means you cannot post.

Also fine..lemme get some somewhere. After asking around for a bit where I could get those the answer is on Uniswap. Uniswap? Another account? What about Hive-engine? And a quick peek at the Hive-engine doesn't show me any DTC. Hmmzzz. Not really encouraging.


On to the next if that doesn't work. 3Speak has been known for ages for their immutable way of posting videos. Youtube, twitter and everything else can be censored and banned per country, but these guys are claiming that their site can not be silenced. Interesting right? So why not give it a try if default Dtube wasn't doing what I wanted.

So I thought I would give threespeak a try. Logging in was to me kind of weird because they required an email adres. I gave it some thought because actually I didn't really want to give my email adress, but okay. Eventually I did. And I got a nice confirmation link in the mailbox to activate my account. All is peachy still.

The emailadres login is ofcourse for users who do not have a hive account as yet, which sounds good. Not too much hassle for users to start with, I can see the good sides of this.

But when I was trying to link my email adres to my hive user name the weirdness started. After filling in my username a nice screen popped up asking for in the top line my posting key.

But in the line where you had to write your posting key, there it even said it required your 'active' key. And that is not okay. No hivesigner or keychain to be see.

As I recall this is exactly how I got phished a while back loosing 4400 HIVE in the process. With filling in an active key. So hell no I am not planning on doing this and I hope others are not doing this as well.

So the main question to three speak is. Is there really not an option with signing in with your hive signer or your keychain? Or did I just miss them??

So a lot of searching and my video still isn't online. I get that the onboarding process is essential for the future and value of our token. But that this is such a hassle for existing accounts isn't really how it should be I guess.

So again the question. Am I overlooking something and it is all way easier? Or are these just steps waiting to be made for in the future.

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It is pretty sad, that those video platforms are not reliable. I got my videos removed temporarily from 3Speak after pointing the active key issue over half a year ago. Dtube brings up errors almost every time, when posting videos, losing the possibility to delete duplicates or change descriptions.

LBRY/Odysee seem to be popular, but requires purchasing of tokens to upload something. At the time of extraordinary censorship, a lot of information is disappearing via the book burnings of the information age. Hive is kind of hindered by not having a decent video service, though VIMM is pretty good for streaming despite the ability to store recordings.

so you pointed out the same issue and then your videos were removed? that seems even more weird I find honestly..

Well I dont look for any extra chain for posting my videos..i just want to do it somewhere easy on the hive chain

What a lot of trouble to get a video uploaded.. I don't know about the issues so can't answer that.. hopefully someone can. I can imagine that you're very careful as you recently lost 4400 hive ;) good luck!

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exactly! After the big phishing incident I am not to happy about filling in any active keys anywhere, which seems logic

Totally makes sense!

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