Did you claim your free crypto already? A guide for newbies into crypto

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As more and more people are losing their faith in oldschool fiat money (dollars, euros), cryptocurrency are something a lot of people are looking in. Not the easiest world to start in, because starting with crypto with no experience can be a bit overwhelming indeed.

So why not start your experience with some free crypto while learning about other coins which are out there in this big crypto space. One of the bigger players in the game is Coinbase. A great location where you can send your dollars or euros to start buying bitcoin, and also from where you can withdraw crypto back to your own bank account, ready to spend. Coinbase is user friendly and I would say a great place to start. Here you can sign up through my link (yes this will give both you and me a little bit of crypto). Coinbase is a legal player which means that they will require some KYC (know your customer) from you, so some form of identification.

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Now one of the cool things about coinbase is that they offer loads of free coin collectings. For instance I watched these Orchid videos today (which is a cryptocurrency) and made $12 bucks with this. It took me about 10 minutes watching videos and I had to answer three questions about what you had just learned from that video and boom...the crypto was there in my wallet a minute later. Talk about a good deal. Try it too here

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Another one of these giveaways is from Stellar Lumens and I did this one a while back allready, making $10 with this. Now a couple months later this $10 has turned into $22 already because of the crypto currency increasing in value. I say that is free money, and my guess is that it will grow a little more. So the same thing. You watch some videos about what Stellar Lumens are and answer some questions about what you have just watched and a minute later it is in your wallet. Stellar is currently on the 14th spot on the Coinmarketcap so they are really something to look out for.

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The last link to make some free crypto by watching videos is the one to EOS. EOS is currently on spot numer 12 in the coinmarketcap after even been on position number 3 a while back, but they are still good to go. And another chance of getting some free crypto is nothing lost I would say, just a couple minutes of your time. Why not try it right? So click here to go straight to the EOS link and collect your free crypto!

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So here comes the big ass legal disclaimer. You should always do your own research on all these kinds of things. I did mine on this and honestly, there is nothing weird about it, and I was surprised on how easy, fast and cool these videos were, and how fast the crypto was in my wallet afterwards. So yes, these links are affiliate links which I get a bit of crypto or too as well. But with all of these links this can already give you like $40 which can also buy you a lot of groceries. Your choice!!!

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I have had my name down on that Orchid waiting list for months now, it's annoying... grrrrr....

huh really???
I wasnt ware of the Orchid and stepped right in witout a list. Weird!