BTC on the verge of kicking 19K and being cautious

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Well that went fast. Just 23 days ago I was writing about BTC having a small kiss at 14K, and already now it is starting to make its run towards 19K which we will probably see very soon. Our friends which we saw in Bangkok last year at Coingecko again seem to have nothing but goodness in there today


Biggest difference for the day: The alts are tagging along very nicely today. Will it be the start of a next altseason? I don't really know. But seeing Stellar Lumens (XLM) making a 50% march up and Ripple (XRP) (even though we all don't like em) a 60% up gives a lot of hope for seeing some alts working the grind again.


Coingecko also has these nice little table in there. If you are not into graphics, maybe these tables will tell you the story.


Ethereum is holding strong above 600 and that is most likely because of all of the tokens locked into the DEFI situation where 32 ETH is required. A month ago that would have costed you 9000 bucks for 32 ETH, and today 19000 bucks.

A year ago it only would have costed you 6000 bucks. Talk about big numbers right there.

I guess this also tells you that averaging out will surely do the trick if you have something for spare to invest in.

Now I am not pretending to know something about crypto here because I am just an enthusiast who likes numbers and gets siked when cash is pumped around and I am surely waiting with popcorn for when the first people will come around again telling to sell their house and go full all in crypto, because that makes sense.

The fact is of course....we don't know that. Sorry to bum you sikedness here.

When you look at the charts...yes, it seems that we should going up over the long run, and based on the numbers after the previous halving, this is very likely to happen again. But the thing is there are no guarantees

There isn't a crystal ball on when and if this will happen and that is the big difference and why it remains speculating on things. Speculating means there is an option on that it just might not happen

And maybe it will. Maybe we will be the ones buying yachts, sipping on margheritas and buying lambos and laughing out asses off in a year when the cycle is finished again, but maybe a quantumcumputer will have super mining powers and this all just might not happen.


The alts are doing good and that is aweome but we also have to look at how much they have lost in the last bear market with so many dipping -99%. I don't know if a cycle will be enough to recover from all of that but it is worth seeing if it will happen.

Will I be the one diversifying my wallet after making profits this time? Hell no, I learned from that one. I would rather stablecoin it for a while and buy back lower. But who am I you know. Again....i am just an enthusiast.

And enthusiast who will put up a chart on full screen now, just because it is fun. Enjoy the ride guys

Disclaimers and opinions. Nothing written here is financial advise guys. This is just my opinion written in a blog that means nothing. So act like it means nothing and do your own research and never forget to think.

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