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RE: How to pay zero crypto taxes this year.

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Damn this is some pretty crazy thoughts, and now I am gunna be on the look out for this type of talks. I have been a stay at home dad for the past 2 years so I have been off the grid for a minute. Starting a remote job, going to be a self contractor of some sort, a first for me. Another comment I read as well on this post gunna have me meditating and doing some research upon

In a wash sale, the sale effectively never happens. Buy stock XYZ for 100, sell it for 70, buy it back within 30 days for 65, sell it for 120. Your taxable trade is 100 -> 120. The middle part "never happened."

He put this in a very easy way to digest, just need the time to understand it enough to feel comfortable about it. Thank you for sharing this post and stirring up such informative comments. \m/

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