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RE: Hive: Account Management System

in LeoFinance3 months ago

We definitely don't want to log in using some other legacy platform. Using the Hive keys was clunky at first but gets easier with use over time. And the whole point is that they are keys to your wallet and not merely your social media site. People need to differentiate and see the need for the keys.

I used keychain for a good while but last week it broke on me, and I had to delete it and go back to prior methods of logging in. I reinstalled it but still can't post an image in my LEO blog post at all because of keychain error. So there are still problems with keychain from my amateur perspective. Fortunately there are older ways to log in to Hive and LEO platforms.

By the way you and I and others are getting daily downvote from the same account. I wonder what his problem is?

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