The price of gold and silver ... is this a joke?

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One of the sites I visit from time to time to check the price of precious metals, especially gold and silver is the Silverprice website. Today I saw that all the charts were green and I should be happy but I am not 😒.

Sirver Gold price now

Silver and Gold performance vs USD

27.38 dollars for an ounce of silver and 1,815.82 dollars for an ounce of gold. Not bad! Since the last time I had checked, the price of an ounce of silver was around $24 and an ounce of gold was under $1,700.

But I made what I could call a mistake. A few minutes after seeing this I got the idea to check another website that I discovered a few years ago and where you can find some interesting data about the US economy. The website is US Debt Clock and shows not only, as the name suggests, the US national debt but also shows, in addition to many other interesting numerical data, the relationship between precious metals, such as gold and silver, to the USD. And as a comparison it adds, in some cases, the same relation but in the year 1913 (the reason for that year I do not know, if someone knows and can explain it in the comments I would be very grateful 1913 is the year the Federal Reserve was created and took control of currency in the United States. Thanks a lot for the tip @handofzara ). Of course the data are not exact but they serve very well to give you an idea of where things are going.

US Debt clock.png

The last time I checked this site about 6-7 months ago it said that the relationship between Silver and the dollar was 1 to 864. That is to say that according to the dollar value of an ounce of silver in 1913 which was 2.65 dollars and its relationship to the inflation of the dollar today the value of an ounce of silver should be 864 dollars at that time. That was 6-7 months ago. Today the figures were a little different.

Dollar to Silver and Gold Ratio now

4,803 dollars for one ounce!!!!😱

Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't the real price of an ounce of silver be around this figure if the market were not so manipulated? The difference is enormous! The bankers did very well (for them) by getting Nixon to "temporarily" unpeg the dollar from gold in 1971. They managed to inflate the dollar incredibly and at the same time manipulate the precious metals markets so that this inflation did not affect the price in any real way. The truth is that it is totally Machiavellian and the worst thing is that they have been able to do it right under our noses and until now, without any real impediment.

Even the current prices of gold and silver do not meet that historical ratio that they have always had of around 10 to 1, that is, 10 ounces of silver for one ounce of gold. If we apply the "official" prices the ratio obtained is 64 to 1. But if we apply the value that is in US Debt Clock the ratio that gives is 7.2 to 1 and this is something that is more like what should exist if it were not for the manipulation that exists.

I meanwhile can only do one thing, take advantage of this situation they have created and buy more gold and silver while I can (more silver than gold, I like it better😁). And hope that one day not too far away all this manipulation will be over and things will return to their real value.

What do you think about all this?

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1913 is the year the Federal Reserve was created and took control of currency in the United States.

Thank you! I thought it was something like that but I wasn't sure and didn't want to give wrong information. I will add it to the post.




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The true takeover. Our United states were imperfect pre 1913 it’s true. But where we would be today if we weren’t attacked yes attacked in 1913. My goodness we’d be living in the Jetsons right now

Hopefully that day of freedom shall come, when we are free. I am doing my part and stacking away!

I always check with this story I read once. A worker around 0 BC works for a silver coin a whole day and a gentleman in Roman times could buy a suit for a gold coin.
That is more or less still tru depending on what gold coin you take.




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Silver was manipulated to remain low for the last couple of years. Glad it is starting to find its way up. At one point the Gold/Silver ratio was above 100 ... crazy.

I completely agree that the prices of both should be much higher though if it wasn't for the manipulation.

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It is what it is @juanmiguesalas, hehehe!
Stack on!

It is what it is @juanmiguesalas, hehehe!
Stack on!

That's right, there is nothing else to do!

By the way, I saw today that you wrote me in the team chat ... a little late 😅. I didn't know you also played Splinterland 💪




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