Hive announces new Exchange Listing!

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Hey guess what, HIVE's not dead after all!

It's been a quiet last couple of months around the Hive ecosystem, and for good reason.

There haven't been any fundamental developments and the coin price has drifted lower and lower and lower.

Falling all the way down to #134 on

Hopefully much of those doldrums are behind us now that the most recent Eclipse Hard Fork has been completed as well as a general uptick in the crypto markets with PayPal getting involved and bitcoin breaking through $13k recently.

Today, the Beaxy Exchange announced they would be listing HIVE.

Check it out:



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Cool, but who's Beaxy Exchange?

Admittedly I had never heard of the Beaxy Exchange before the Hive announcement today...

But a quick search on Coinmarketcap tells us they are a US based exchange with headquarters in Chicago:



As you can see, they don't do much dollar volume and HIVE is already within the Top 6 in terms of highest dollar volume of trades.

Interestingly enough, it's ranked ahead of heavyweights LINK, XRP, and BAT, though that may only be due to the announcement today.

Previously listed???

What is a bit strange to me is the fact that if you look up HIVE on their exchange it looks like it was already trading on the exchange several months ago.

See what I mean:



That is until the end of September when for whatever reason it looked like the HIVE/BTC pair stopped trading until now.

Though prior to that it looks like it had been trading on there from end of July to end of September.

New old listing perhaps?

Either way, this news by itself is nice, but not going to move the needle much.

I think the more important takeaway from this announcement is that hopefully HIVE is now getting back to moving forward and focusing on growth instead of taking care of internal house-cleaning like we had been the last several months.

Here's to hoping things start perking up for HIVE again!

Stay informed my friends.


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Great news, thanks for sharing.. I believe hive will pick a stable growth rate soon.

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It would be about time if it does!

Justine in action again?

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Ha! I was seriously thinking about including this in the post... "Who do we have to pay $30k for the listing?!" :)

There haven't been any fundamental developments and the coin price has drifted lower and lower and lower.

That first need to be corrected, new exchanges listing hive does not matter a lot. More ever, there is no clarity how the communication with exchanges happening, who owns that, whether it happens in a timely fashion or not, the community update on such interactions will make things better.

Yea though they don't technically control the coin's price.... the market decides that. Though it certainly doesn't help when the communication is poor, like you mentioned.

Seems a little shady to me... Either there was some "test" trading earlier or the graph is just combination of two unrelated trading pairs due to error in integration. In worst case scenario, Hive was actually listed earlier, but got unlisted due to lack of trading volume.

I've seen exchanges listing cryptocurrencies without contacting the team behind the cryptocurrency. Due to that there won't be any active promoting which eventually results in trading volume crashing after first few days when small group of people that were actually behind the listing request get bored filling their own orders...

Yep not sure what it was, a little unusual though.

Hive has had bad habit for listing on exchanges that most of the people haven't even heard of... That opens so many questions most likely no-one, except the people who actually do the listing and integration, can answer...

Well you have to ask why that is? Could it be perhaps that the low hanging fruit costs a lot less?

I really don't think listing fee is the biggest factor... A lot of shit exchanges have very high listing fee... I'm more inclined to think people who launch and run the less known exchanges are actually already members of Hive community.

There is that as well, at least for a couple of them.

I'm inclined to think that listing Hive has given those exchanges more publicity than anything they have done before...

It's like sale on grocery or electronics store, where price of only one product has been reduced and other prices are increased to compensate...