Finally broke into the Top 10 on dCity

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After a few weeks of dipping my toes into the dCity ecosystem I finally have a Top 10 ranked city

After being alerted about dCity several weeks back by @steem-hodler, and spending many hours since then learning about the game and buying up as many cards as I could, I finally made my way into the Top 10.

Check it out:


For those that are unfamiliar, the ranking is based on a cities population.

And a cities population is based on the cards that they hold.

For example, the more housing and apartment cards you hold, the greater your population will be.

You can acquire these cards either by purchasing packs or from buying the cards on the game's internal market place, and once you have cards you can also trade them among other players.

Interesting game with the possibility of earning some extra income...

Overall the game is probably similar to other games you have seen.

The difference is that the in-game currency is hive and sim (which is also tied to the price of hive).

Basically, you buy packs and individual cards or trade with others in order to build out your city.

The different cards have different attributes that can help or hurt the development of your city along the way.

They look like this:


The neat thing is that not only is the game about building out your city, but you can also earn income from your city.

Lets talk income...

As I mentioned above, my city is now withing the Top 10 (it's currently in 10th place to be precise) and due to my current ranking I am paid roughly 29 hive per day.

That may not sound like much, but the highest ranked city pulls in about 120 hive per day.

Also, your city can earn sim each day as well, which as I mentioned previously is tied to the price of hive as well. Currently my city earns about 17k sim per day, which is equivalent to about 80 hive per day.

So, when you factor both of those together the income jumps to about 110 hive per day.

Not too shabby, though I have invested a fair amount into the game at this point, probably close to 15k hive currently.

If that 110 rate were to stay the same, and I don't invest any more, it would take me about 136 days to break-even on my investment.

Which is about 4.5 months.

However, if that rate were to continue for a while, everything I earn after that is pure profit, not to mention I would still have all the cards in my possession which hold significant value as well on the internal markets.

Not ideal for the fast money guys, but there is potential for serious ROI over the medium to long term.


From what I have seen thus far, dCity is an interesting game built on HIVE that offers players the ability to see a nice return on their investment over the medium to long term.

Stay informed my friends.


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You invested some #hive in there.
It is fun and glad you are growing to reach the sky.
This game can be addicted at certain time in the day too.

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Are you also playing it?

Yeah I used to hold top 10 but relegated
a little.,slowly building up again.

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Congratulations @jrcornel!

It is fun to build your city. I agree with that. You cannot make quick money here. If you think long term, the return is impressive!

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If the game lasts for a year or more and the rates are relatively the same, the returns could be massive.