Elon Musk's Tweet was embedded in 668,197th block of Bitcoin and will remain there forever

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This day will forever be remember on the Bitcoin Blockchain

People have long wanted Elon Musk to turn to bitcoin. He'd made some stops and starts over the years, with this potentially just being another one of those...

Though, with each stop and start he does seem to be moving more and more towards bitcoin and his latest quote of "in retrospect, this was inevitable" (with the bitcoin emoji) being the latest and best example.

Either way, his quote today referencing bitcoin and it being the future will now be embedded in the bitcoin blockchain forever.

Check it out:



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One of the unique and strong selling points of bitcoin relates to its immutability, with this being a prefect example.


This quote will live on long after you and I are both gone, well unless they figure out a way to upload our consciousness onto a computer at some point. :)

The seed planted by Michael Saylor may end up blooming after all...

Unfortunately for us in the near term, the Elon Musk pump is all but evaporated but the implications from his tweet could hold long term implications.

While I don't think this tweet means that he is going to start buying bitcoin and putting it on TSLA's balance sheet, he could.

The odds of a move like that go up when you factor in past conversations between him and Michael Saylor.

More on which can be seen here:




Plus anytime you have someone of the caliber and popularity of an Elon Musk endorsing bitcoin it is likely to cause at least some collateral buying, and potentially a ton of collateral buying.

When you factor this in with the Bitcoin for Corporations Event kicking off early next week I find it hard to believe bitcoin doesn't keep grinding north in the near term.

All we need is for the stock market to behave and bitcoin will be just fine.

The weakness in the stock market today was likely why bitcoin wasn't able to hold those Elon Musk gains from this morning.

Stay informed my friends.


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If you think that was a drop on the stock market, strap yourself in!

Things are about to get lively up in here. - Terrance Popp

This will just be a run of the mill 10% correction. Anything greater than that will be a gift.

Nothing about this year is likely to be run of the mill!

There is literally almost no chance for the kind of drop in the stock market you are expecting, almost none. We have the FED pumping in hundreds of billions every month, we have stimulus programs continuing, with much of that money not even moving yet, and we have higher cash positions in funds than we've seen in a long time. You add it all and there is just too much cash out there for stocks to dip much.

Bears gonna be bears...

Researchers gonna discover history goes back further than 12 years!

The world changed starting in 2008/2009 with the money printing and technological changes.

Jeepers you really are doing history as a 12 year thing aren't you?

that little blip in 2008/2009 is like an ant on the back of an elephant

I'm not pretending I can predict much right now - but today I'm making a truckload on Cardano - random luck...

Well not really, I am just saying that things in the US financial markets, and by extension global financial markets, were forever changed in 2008/2009. QE didn't exist before then in the US... QE and bitcoin came about around the same time, ironically enough.

Congrats on Cardano btw! I don't trade many altcoins, but it's nice to see this one working out in your favor.

This quote will live on long after you and I are both gone, well unless they figure out a way to upload our consciousness onto a computer at some point. :)

The same could be said of Hive... maybe. Yes, I'm being optimistic, but you never know.

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Sure it could, but HIVE has a user problem. Specifically, not enough people use or care about it. Too many other options out there.

Now we just need Warren Buffet to jump on board, and we can get this trip started! It really does feel much safer swimming close to the whales, I have to admit.

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He never will. He only recently switched to saying he was wrong about AMZN and some of those tech giants he said would fail.

I think I remember him saying that he would look at BTC if it hits 50k... and he recently sold his bank stocks for gold, so he's making progress. Never say never. :)

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Wow, I hadn't seen that. Do you have a link?

It shouldn't be hard to track down... the Motley Fool reported on it. Their Foolish Takeaway at the end says "Buffett has made many unusual decisions this year. He bought gold, invested in an IPO for the first time in decades, and invested heavily in foreign economies. His decision to exit his JP Morgan position is not too unusual compared to that. But his exit is still from a U.S. bank, and there is no reason to emulate that move if you’ve invested in one of the Big Six banks." HERE's the link to that. He's getting old, but seems otherwise as sharp as ever... so he's trying to figure it all out.

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I have to admit I'm not sure where I heard about the 50k Bitcoin claim, but I will come back here and link to it if I do find my way back to it. Based on the above quote, and just the way he's acting lately, I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility. I'll keep you posted.

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Because of Elon Musk hype Bitcoin price went up significantly. if he shares more of bitcoin then we can see much more in BTC

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We need him to go the Michael Saylor route to really see sustained moves up in bitcoin.

One of the unique and strong selling points of bitcoin relates to its immutability

But the data that you can put is limited and hive has a very strong advantage. Right now, BTC seems to be selling more as a preserving asset.

Sure, it is limited but it can never be changed, with the security of the entire network backing it. HIVE is orders of magnitude smaller.

ready for moon

So, what was inevitable?

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I only knew about BTC block 666,666 which had this message:

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good - Romans 12:21.”

Thanks for sharing Elon's block!

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